Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cell Phones

Good Evening,
I hadn't slept well last night and kept waking up; dreaming weird things and then got to thinking about the recovery efforts of the Japanese and then rolled out of bed earlier than usual. Yesterday, I viewed a picture of a flood victim in TIME magazine. I think that image stayed with me all night long. Then on my commute I learned they had another earthquake/aftershock with a tsunami warning. OMG, please!! Enough already.

Yesterday, I decided that I'd had it with rude people on their cell phones coming in and taking calls in the middle of my servicing them.  I've put up with it for far too long.  I didn't get a thumbprint in the notary journal for a fellow because he was on his darn cell phone and paying more attention to that than to me.  I will now demand that they don't take any calls or make calls in my store unless it has to do with needing a shipping address or phone number or having to do with a document that is in question that needs to be notarized.  I have now posted a sign on the front door that looks like this:
 I put a smaller sign at the counter, too.  Hopefully this will reduce this problem and create smoother transactions with customers.  I could go on with all the dangers of cell phone use but I will just say this:  They give off harmful radiation and cause cell damage and that is really bad for children whose bodies are having rapid cell reproduction.  There are also studies that show the use of all our electronic devices are having negative effects on our wonderful BEES that we need to pollinate our foods.  HELLO PEOPLE!  Ya like to eat don't cha?  If ya can't live without your devices at least cut back on their use as it will be healthier for every living thing that shares our planet!  

Here's my other problem with their use.  Humans can do one thing at a time really well esp. if they've had practice at it and now enter talking on the phone and doing other things.  Whatever they are doing is now getting divided up and so can't do either one as well.  People on their devices are not in communication with their immediate surroundings and other people in their vicinity.  It is rude not to acknowledge the existence of others as well as making them listen to your conversations:
Or maybe we all need one of these:
Go here to read about it.
I like this one:
Call me old fashioned, but I prefer these:
Go here to buy the table.

Remember those?  We never had a phone table at our house when I was growing up but some of my friends did and I thought they were cool.  There was always a pen and paper plus the yellow pages fit neatly on the shelf or in the drawer.  My family had strict rules about using the phone.  How about your family?  

We can't stop change and who would want to?  Change isn't always better but WE have to be the one's to decide that.  One thing about the youth today, when they see others making out, kissing, etc. on let's say...a park bench, they yell, "GET A ROOM".  Now there is truth in that!


Kris said...

I am so with you on the cell phone thing. It irritates me to no end!! I have a friend who wears her earpiece all the time, and takes calls and txts constantly. I find it SO rude!!!!! NO ONE is THAT important. I want to tell her, and neither are you!!! Love your sign!!

DaCraftyLady said...

I agree...I hate hate to be in a store and the person in front of you is not just talking, but screaming at the top of their lungs, at least that is what it seems like, and they are on their cell with the bluetooth and no one can see it because it is covered up by their hair and you think they are talking to you and when you answer them they look at you like you're an alien???? What is that about?? I mena if you don't wnat to be interupted or heard then talk in private, otherwise expect strangers to start toalking to you. I have decided that I would just start talking to these ruder people and keep talking until they get off the phone. then say, "oh I thought you were talking to me???" lol.... Debb