Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter and Happy Passover!

I was out tending my garden this morning and now it's raining, darn!
It really needs some TLC esp. the potted ones.  

I hope you get some good eats, some good drinks and some good company today.  I also hope whatever you were planning works out better than mine! 

Edited to add that it rained for just a short time so I did some other stuff indoors and then lo and behold it stopped and I almost got everything done that I wanted to do outside, yay.  All in all it was a productive weekend but my back was hoping it would rain all day.  I hope I can manage to roll out of bed tomorrow!

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Pammy Sue said...

Mine did not work very well. I pretty much had a crappy day. No sleep last night because of a storm and power outage and a tiff with my sister today pretty much ruined it. Bleh. I just stayed home alone because hubby has to work until 4AM.

It's storming here right now again. It's pretty much a nightly occurrence this time of year for a month or so. Nice during the day and all hell breaks loose when the sun starts to go down.

Let's try again tomorrow!