Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Must See, the Documentary, "I Am"

I heard about this while driving to work this morning.  He's the director of the comedy, "Ace Ventura Pet Detective"  Remember that movie?  So funny and that cute adorable dog??  Well, this guy, Tom Shadyac had a bicycle accident and almost died.  After his recovery he decided to make this film and went around the world asking famous and some not so famous people these 2 questions:  "What's wrong with our world" and "What can we do about it?".  Look's interesting.  I'ts coming out in selected places this month and in March at more theaters.  

Welcome February!  The "Lovers" month although, I like to extend it to "Love Everyone" month or least one day, Feb.14th.  That way nobody can complain that they are being left out and nobody has to be depressed about it.  Want chocolate or flowers?  Heck buy it for yourself, that's what I say!!!  Also February has Presidents Day so I get to take a monday off and work on my seemingly never ending kitchen project and then there is the local Camellia Festival.  They have a parade down the main street here on the last Saturday of the month and all proceeds go to children's organizations.  Since they close off the street, nobody can get to my shop and so I get another day off.  

I ordered some online fabric to make a small ruffle (like a curtain) to put above the sink in the kitchen where it's always been bare and kinda ugly.  I think that's where they had their paper towels.  Pics of it as soon as it's done for ya.  I still need to refinish those cabinet doors so MAYBE I will get to it by the end of this month.
This is to match all the super cheap Rooster decor I got at Joann's a couple months ago.  I'll have pics of that
when I am finally finished with the whole kitchen project.

The weather in the midwest and eastern US as well as Australia is wild.  I hope you are warm, safe and dry where you are.  

Sending WARMTH your way, Annie

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Clara said...

i love roosters and can't wait to see your final reveal.