Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Thanks to Terrie Smiling for bestowing me this award!  Terrie likes to make felted and handmade items so go see her pretty blog.

With this award, the following applies:
Post linking back to the person that gave you the award.
Share 7 random things about yourself.
Award 15 recently discovered bloggers.
Drop them a note, and tell them about it!

7 Random things about me:

1) I am 4'11" (1.4986 meters) tall.  The runt of the litter of 6 siblings; 5 brothers and the baby, (best) sister (ever).

2) When I was 20 I was the model for a fairly famous (now) American artist.  The painting I was told, is hanging in a bank in Chicago.  It is approx. 9 feet long by 6 feet high.  I never saw it finished only a small print reproduction of it.

3) I used to be really shy when I was a young child.  Now I can talk to anyone about anything.

4) I am left handed.  Although living in a right-handed world I do allot with my right hand.  According to my mom, I would use whatever utensil that was nearest to that hand to eat, draw or color using crayons in a coloring book and until I got to school she didn't know which hand I would choose to write with.  I crochet left and knit right handed.

5) What pains me most in life is when people treat others badly.

6) Even though I was a single mom for about 7 years and it was tough and we struggled financially, it was the most favorite time of my life being a mom to my daughter and son.  Before they were 18, we moved from home to home 10x.

7) I want to live on a mini farm growing food, flowers and having a menagerie of animals by my side while staying busy making artistic creations and never having to move my home again.  

Here are 15 bloggers to give this award to.  There are so many wonderful creative blogs to choose from!  Whew! 

They are in no particular order:

1.  Tejiendo mi vida  in Spanish to English it means "Weaving My Life" Pam likes to crochet and weave yarn.

2. The Jilted Ballerina Tracey is a talented artist and a yarnie.  She has 140 you- tube tutorials for you! 

3.  Oklahoma Peach Fuzz  Linda is a professional caterer; go see what she's cooking for some delish recipes!

4.  Rain and Shine  Amy is an artist and designs textile prints.

5.  Lallee's Cottage  Lallee takes pretty nature photos and does crochet, too.

6.  Simple Knits  Vicki is a yarnie and she sells her yarnie patterns.

7.  Lally Lou Lou  Louise is a yarnie and makes delightful designs and has patterns for you, too.

8.  Resweater  Kris makes items out of old sweaters and she also sells some sweaters so you can make whatcha want out of them.

9.  The Fairies Nest  Cynthia makes the prettiest felt dolls and toys.  Very magical!

10.  Out of My Book  My friend Michelle makes pretty scrapbooking and paper creations go check her out!

11.  Positively Crochet  Mary Jane is a crochet designer and has written 2 books and sells her patterns.  I plan to get one of her books soon!

12.  ElenaRegina Handmade  Elena Regina is a handbag designer and she does crochet also.

13.  Posh Pooch Designs  Sara designs and makes the cutest crocheted doggie hats and sweaters.  She has patterns for you, too.

14.  PB Designs Reading and Stitching Blog  Debb aka DaCraftyLady, has a fun blog and she sells her creations and crochet patterns.

15.  Erdbeerdiamant  in German to English it means "strawberry diamond".  Tracey Ann makes the cutest long legged cloth and crochet dolls and other crocheted items.

Enjoy visiting these blogs while munching on some of your Valentine chocolate!  Have a beautiful day!


Kris said...

Those are some interesting facts! I would love to live on a farm too. I sort of do. But I would want goats, and all sorts of the things!! I really am a farm girl at heart!

Pam said...

I feel so so so honoured!
Thanks so much for giving my First Award!!
I'm gonna check some other blogs!

Thanks again... you are very sweeT!!


lovestitch said...

Congrats on your award! You definitely deserve it! I really enjoy your lovely facts! Have a wonderful day!!! x

the jilted ballerina said...

Thanks so much for the award! How sweet ♥

Josie said...

Such interesting tidbits about you, Annie! I was/am #3 too! I'm going to check out the blogs you mentioned. Have a lovely day, xxJosie

bellaboo said...

Lovely of you to drop by! Yes of course you may copy the hedgehog 'brush crush' pic,and thank you for being so kind as to ask.You may also like to see a baby hedgehog pic which is on my animals posts,which,if you click on to,on my sidebar,and then scroll down,you will find it.
Hope you have a lovely week...and congratulations on your award! :0)

Louise said...

Thank you thank you so very much this has made my day!!!

Lallee said...

Thank you, Annie Elizabeth. It so nice to meet you!

Terrie said...

Thank you Annie, you've mighty hands you can use both hands skillfully. I also wish to live in a farm, plan own vegetables and have chicks.... Love your blog and will visit others mentioned.

Amy Prior said...

Thanks Annie!!!

Amy Prior said...
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Clara said...

Congrats on your award. Loved reading your fun facts and you stand "tall" in what you say and do!

Linda said...

Annie, thank you so much for the honor!! I don't deserve it. I am a very lazy blogger.

I loved reading tidbits about you - just several more reasons to like you. :)