Monday, February 28, 2011

Refinishing, Wool and Flowers

What I've been up to since it's been 10 days from my last post:
I had the shop open only 4 days last week as there was President's Day on Monday and then last Saturday was the yearly Camellia Festival and parade where they close the street off and nobody including the postal carrier can get to me so I have learned to just close up for the day as there isn't any business anyhow.

I worked quite a bit on the kitchen and figure 2 more wknds and the refinish part should be done, yippee!  The final reveal still won't be for awhile as there will be more sanding and painting nearby the kitchen and I don't want to decorate just to have to wash sanding dust from all of it, if ya know what I mean???

I washed allot of old wool suits and pants that the moths had got to (I plan to use them to make rugs and or felt type projects in the future) and then bagged them in plastic with a few mothballs just in case the soap and water didn't kill 'em all.  I will box them all up this week.  I'm talking here, quite a few woolen items: coats, jackets and pants that we inherited from different people and when they were hanging in my room to dry it smelled allot like wet DOG!  Sorta sad to cut them up as there sure is an amazing amount of handiwork that goes into all that sewing.

I came across some clothing items that I'm selling on ebay soon that all needed to be photographed.  That took a chunk out of yesterday afternoon.  I'm downloading the pics right now, 182 pics in all.  Out of all the pix, I'll only use a few of the best ones for each of the auction pages.

We've had a few days of rain so I didn't have to spend any time watering the potted or garden plants.  The contractors weren't able to come most of last week and that is putting me behind on planting in the bare spaces since the trees are gone now.  The last rain was a cold one and put snow on our local mountains down real low and it was so pretty on my drive in this morning and I wanted to take photos for you but the camera was of course, in the backseat in the tote bag.

I've hardly crocheted at all the last couple weeks.  I did find a Ravelry member with some green yarn I needed so when I get that I can start on my next project.
The worst cabinets, in front of the sink.

Without flash

With flash.  I can't wait to show you the transformation!

My violets are blooming so pretty right now.  Here's a few pics for ya.

Have a fabulous week!


Kris said...

Yes Annie, hasn't it been just stunningly beautiful in our parts lately? The snow is everywhere, and the air is clear, the sky is blue, just magnificent. Your violets are so pretty. I am waiting for mine to bloom!!! I guess I should feed it. Do you feed yours?
Your cabinets look like mine. And mine, sadly enough, are not getting replaced any time soon.

Josie said...

Hiya Annie! So great to hear from you. I'm loving your flowers, definitely feeling like spring is near. You've been a busy gal with all your spring cleaning, renovating, gardening, etc (what the heck have I been doing with my time?!). You go girl :-)

We're on the makeover train too, will be replacing carpet upstairs thanks to my darling dogs, then re-doing kitchen next month. I'm looking forward to seeing how yours turns out!!!!

Enjoy your weekend, xxJosie

Clara said...

My gosh you are one busy lady! I love those flowers.