Thursday, March 3, 2011

Almost Spring!

After the rain I took some pix of the garden.  Those are the two garden places that I need to fill in after they are finished with the house painting.  I love how some rose bush leaves are red at first and then turn green. 

Hope it's looking more like spring wherever you are!


Kris said...

Hi Annie,
I love the rusty reds of rose bushes this time of year too. I have 38 rose bushes lining my front yard. Soon I will have cut roses in every room of the house! So you have kids my kids ages!! Ours are 30 & 28 for the girls, in May. And our son just turned 22.
I know what you mean...HOW could we be old enough????
Have a great day!

Terrie said...

So nice to see you all enjoy the spring now. Bright color and happy life. Enjoy it.

Pammy Sue said...

Your pictures are beautiful! So many people have pretty pictures of their flowers up right now. I need to go get some and enjoy them in real life!

Hope all is well and things slow down a little bit if you want them to. Seems like you've really been busy lately. Some people like to stay busy, but not me!

Bye, Sweetie...

Kris said...

Hi again. Yes, I would love to hear more about your ozone thingie majigger for the fridge!!!!

Clara said...

Funny how you've shown the spaces you are working on in the garden areas...just makes you want to fill them in. Things are looking good.