Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pluggin' Away!

I got to cleaning more last weekend than I planned and didn't do much on the cabinet refinishing.  I did spray the knobs with the clear coat and let 'em dry all week so I'll put 'em on the finished cabinets later today after work.

We've been working away doing paint prep work but the contractors haven't been here for a couple weeks.  So my son went from working in the house to outside paint prep and he fell from the ladder onto the cement but he's ok, thank GOD.  The contractors have some other jobs so hopefully they will be back next week.  I really need to get the plants in the ground soon!

I used my 50% off coupon on guess what?  YARN.  What else is there??  Adding it to my stash.  May use it on my next project.  Only read a little bit as I have been exhausted this week and have enjoyed just thinking about being able to crawl into bed and just SLEEP.

The DH has got me working on a new project (in between customers) of writing down all the furniture that we have room by room and research what it would cost to buy new today and if we sold it, what the fair market value of it would be.  DANG, it's reminding me of how expensive new furniture is, so take care of the stuff you own.  To replace it would be crazy $.  The purpose of this project is to see if we are over or under insured.  I think this will help us to figure out what to keep and what to get rid of before and after we move.  This is not a very FUN project :(                                          
I found this picture while searching images and I loved her artwork; you can find more of her at: Maria Molinari.

This picture shows how I feel right now.  Hand in hand we can make this a better, safer world.  Have a fantastic weekend despite everything.


Kris said...

Oh my gosh, thank goodness your son was not hurt more seriously!!! Keeping him in prayers that no bones were broken. You are moving?
Where to? Or is that just some day?
Have a lovely weekend. We are heading to Orange to visit dear friends, and their first grandbaby. Then to Orange Hill for dinner!
: )

Josie said...

Oh my, thank goodness your son is okay. I think my heart would've stopped right there. Will definitely send up a prayer that all will be fine for the long term. Get some rest, Annie. xxJosie

Josie said...

Yes I remember that SNL skit, LOL! Our two rescued dogs have been with us for 6 mos now and they're so much better. I loved your Aussie story, made me smile. I used to have an Aussie mix and she loved to dig too...maybe part of the breed. Have a nice weekend, Annie. xxJ