Saturday, March 26, 2011

Painting and Panic

Geez what a week!  Hello. Thanks for stopping by.  I have visions of posting everyday in a perfect life I don't have and seem to hardly be able to bang out even 2 posts a week.  Lord knows I'm never lacking words and always have something to say.  The latest is our contractor friend just wasn't able to get to us and do all we needed to have done in our time frame so we hired real painters and they started this past Thursday and when I got home all the main floors; living, dining and entrance way rooms had brown paper and plastic in some places taped to the entire floor.  That's how they protect the hardwood floors and it looked like a different house.  All the window coverings down and numbered, furniture that we didn't move outta there was in the center of the rooms all covered in plastic.  AND MY FAVORITE; SANDING DUST EVERYWHERE!  But it IS getting done faster so living within the perpetual mess will be of shorter duration, yippee!  Here's some pics of the outside I took last week.

I went to see the movie "I Am" that I posted about here.  I really liked it.  It was positive and shows how finally scientists that look at the material world and spiritual people are coming together to figure out what life, other living entities and humans share which turns out to be a very deeply rooted connection.  Go see it if you get the chance.  I'm sure it will come out on dvd and you could rent it soon.

So I went to get a breakfast sandwich and some coffee on my way into work this morning (the house is just too much of a mess to get bkfst or make coffee) and I was shocked to find the credit card I use most often was not in it's place in my wallet.  I tried not to freak out at the checkstand but I was trying to remember what could have happened to it.  Hmm...did big Al take it to get me gas last night, don't jump to conclusions...think girl when did you have it last?  Got in the car and continued my way to work then pulled over to call home.  No answer.  He must be talking with the painting guys.  Start to PANIC as I'm rummaging around in the purse and looking at all pockets in my wallet, not there, s**t!  Think, think.  Used it last at the other grocery store on Thursday morning.  OMG for 2 whole days someone could be enjoying my cc on VISA and my dime.  Damn.  Stopped at that store went in and asked if they have a lost and found and explained I'm missing my cc and used it last at their store.  Sure enough they had it.  RELIEF!  I've never lost a cc ever, thank God!  The clerk told me to make sure nobody used it before it was turned in and to check with the cc company.  So we did that, A-OK.  I went thru my memory of last Thurs. morning and remember now, laying it down on that little counter after swiping it then reached for the darn club card and I NEVER lay it down.  I always put back in it's place.  Must be the discombobulation of the house mess that's making me a mess!  Boy, was I lucky.

Here are some blooms from the front yard.  The white Watsonia are the first to bloom then will come the pink and then the lavender ones.  The Nasturtium and Kalanchoe are blooming nicely.

Since the painters are there working today, my plan was to stay at the shop and complete the insurance project that seems to be taking forever and I even brought my crochet projects that hopefully will be done soon so I can start my next project.  Hope you have a terrific wknd and are enjoying some flowers that are finally poking their heads out for you.  Spring is here!


Kris said...

Hi Annie! Your house is so GRAND!!! I know what you mean about having everything all topsy turvey! I hate that! SO glad you recovered your Visa card, without incident! How scary!!!
Hope you are enjoying the weekend!

Clara said...

Gorgeous flowers and the house is certainly getting a makeover. Glad you found your card. I know what that is like. You get an instant pain in the brain when you think you've lost one.