Friday, March 18, 2011

Who Makes Your Clothes?

Have you ever wondered who makes the clothes you buy/wear?

While I was dismantling a wool jacket several weeks ago to someday make into a braided wool rug or other project and I began to wonder who or how many people were involved in making this garment.  It was time consuming to rip out the stitching and as I went along realized how much skill went into it.  Tailoring.  My maternal Grandmother knew how to tailor.  That was the kind of work a woman could do in her era to make a little extra money.  I've done a ton of sewing but never learned the art of tailoring.  I could tell the shoulder pads were hand made and the marks inside the fabric for the darts and placement of the stabilizer were done by hand.  Then there was the lining, too. 

A Liz Claiborne jacket made in Korea.  I kept finding these little pieces of paper with the numbers 331 on them.  How long did it take for them to make it?  What were their working conditions?  What pay did they receive?

So, Mr. or Ms. 331 you did a fantastic job on the jacket, I'm impressed.  I'm sorry the moths got to it and ruined it.

I did up a gift basket for a customer yesterday that she's donating to the "City of Hope" cancer center fundraiser.  It's one of those Keurig coffee makers, 3 packs of coffee singles and some bottles of different jam.  She brought in the goodies & basket, then I did the rest.  Nice for a change.  Haven't done a gift basket for awhile.

Oh man, it's time to go and a customer just brought in pictures, some china pieces, cups and saucers to ship to 3 different places and I thought I might get outta here on time tonite!   UUggg!


Kris said...

Hi Annie. Yes, I felt the same way when I last tore apart a beautifully made wool jacket. More things should be recycled really. Sorry you didn't get out on time. Have a wonderful weekend!

Pam said...

I have something to tell about things made somewhere else... here in Chile you can buy designer's clothes... I mean.. Liz's, Ralph Lauren's, Donna Karan's, etc.. BUT!!!... here we have factories.. so.. they receive a T-shirt (for example) made in Korea, China or PerĂº.. and here our workers just put the labels and a print (if the design requires one).. thats it... the same happens with jeans.. When I was younger and bought my first BIG BRAND JEANS.. I thought it came directly form EEUU... I thought Calvin Klein put all his efforts in my jeans.. jajaja... no... it came from China or India.. and here some nice lady put the name... buuuuu!!!
Nice post Annie...

Clara said...

Wow, very interesting stuff. I agree with you both...we should definitely recycle more. I know I use up things to the bitter end. An older towel get used for rags, other clothes are re purposed for other things. It just makes sense. We really have not been using paper towels for that long. What did our Mom's use? And now, we are going back to using cloth.

Josie said...

Hi Annie, it's great you're re-purposing. You just gave me an idea on how to finish a granny pillow cover. Think I'll try to find an old sweater to recycle.

My mom was a great seamstress...really more than that because she used to sew dresses for my sister and me from her own patterns. From simple to fancy. Gosh, thanks for calling attention to these wonderful people who work hard at making our clothes!

Great gift basket making skills, but of course I'm not at all surprised by your numerous talents! Stay dry and cosy in all this rain! xxJosie