Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ha Ha on Me!

Hi there, I just have to laugh at myself, I'm just a toolin' along on the Chevron Scarf and then I noticed that if I continued the pattern the way I was headed that the ends of the scarf wouldn't be the same!  Hmmm.  That's what I get for not following any pattern except of course the basic pattern of chevron stitch. 

This edge is the beginning.

This edge would be the other end (except it would be blue).

Here I have it folded on top of itself. See how they don't match?

Now, if I were making it to butt up together (like making a circle or let's say a sleeve) then it would work out perfectly and seamless.  But since it's a scarf, I want the ends to match.  So I had to think of what to do.  I have now BECOME a crochet pattern maker, hee, hee.

My solution is to make two identical pieces and seam them together in the middle which would be at the back of the neck. 

I started the other piece last night and now the ends WILL match!

It's become a tad on the wavy side and I hope after blocking it will flatten out some.

I poked around Big Lots (store) last night just to see what good deals they had.  I haven't been there since last spring I think it was.  I was curious if they had any closeout yarn and sure enough they did.  I'll show ya my find, soon.  I also got a couple books last week from Joann's and I'll share those, too.

I hope wherever you are it warms up for you this weekend and you getta chance to go out and enjoy yourself! 


Kris said...

Hi Annie,
It looks great! No one will notice but you, if it doesn't match up. It looks great!!!

Clara said...

You found the perfect solution. I've seen scarves that section in the back at the store so you can do it too! It will be just great.

Terrie said...

Very good solution. Thank you for the link of YouTube nuno felt making. It's nice to do a shawl following it.

Have a nice weekend.

Josie said...

It looks great to me, but I know that as the maker, you want it to come out perfect! Great solution...I actually have an unfinished scarf where I may have to do that exact same thing. Look forward to seeing your new yarn. Have a great week, Annie! xxJosie