Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Helium Pups, Chevron Scarf

Look what I found at the grocery store this morning.  Wo(man's) best friend!  Sorta freaked me out at first.  When I went around the corner they moved a little and that's when I noticed them.  CUTE.  I want one, I WANT both.  Actually, I wanta REAL doggie or two or three. 
Adorable helium Doxies!

Here is the scarf I'm working on for Danny.  It's to match his hat I crocheted over.  It will mostly be the charcoal color.  I love the blue yarn, it has many different colors in it when you look close.  Far away it looks just blue.  I thought Danny would like these two colors together.  Now in the early mornings when he is out at the racetrack working with the horsies he won't be cold. 

This yarn is Lion Brand Wool-Ease in 115 Blue Mist.  The charcoal is Naturally Caron Country they are both wool acrylic blend.

 I've only done a few rows by last night but it's going faster now that I memorized the pattern.  Just an ordinary Chevron stitch in single crochet.

I worked 4 hours on Sunday removing the plants (to save them) that surrounded the trees that were removed yesterday.  My son was helping and we got soaking wet.  Of course it had to rain when that was the ONLY day I had to remove them.  I was gonna take photos this morning of what it looks like without the trees but there were cars in the way and other stuff so maybe the contractors will come tomorrow and I'll take pics then.  The big house even looks BIGGER now without the trees.

Happy day to ya!


Pammy Sue said...

Those doggie balloons are so cute. I haven't seen those around here yet. I'll have to look for them.

I like the new scarf you're working on. Those are good colors for a man.

I'm still not crocheting anything new yet. I intended to today, but I just haven't picked up a hook. Maybe later. Bye!

Clara said...
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Clara said...

Clara said...
At first I peaked at your title for your post and thought it said helium pumps and I was thinking, "What next?" The pups are so cute and the fact that they move a little makes them even cuter. You'll get used to the house without the trees once everything is all cleared out, vehicles gone and the cleanup is through. It's always a shock at first. The scarf looks really great.

Clara said...

That should read peeked! I need a coffee!

Linda said...

I love those doggies! The chevron is so attractive and I love those colors. Isn't it nice when you can memorize the pattern? My problem is that once I get flying on a pattern, then I put it down for several days & have to relearn it all over again.

I've been reading your posts about all your adventures--life is never dull around your place. :)
Glad the package was found. (Would you come & find some missing paints in my craft room?) Your house is gorgeous! And I know how you feel about killing plants or trees--we need to cut down a purple leaf plum that is so, so crooked and now the trunk is splitting; I told my DH he would have to do it without me watching. :(