Saturday, January 29, 2011


Yup, it's "Timber" come Monday morning!
Hi there, after much debate and a tree trim, we have decided to remove the Cypress trees because they are:
Too close to the columns/pillars.
They were planted a long time ago (not by us) and should have been removed at least 20 years ago.
It makes it hard to paint the house right now.
They are so big they hide the house.
They are all dry inside and they are actually a fire hazard and these trees shouldn't be planted close to anyone's home.
The Umbrella plant invasive as it is is practically killing one of the trees and is lifting the cement.

But still, I don't want to KILL plants.

My job this afternoon and tomorrow is to dig up the surrounding plants and pot them and then save them to plant again after the trees are removed.  I need to get more potting soil and enlist the help of my son to make sure it gets done!

I rented the movie "The Social Network" last night and watched it and returned it this morning at a RedBox location.  I thought it was good and informative.  It left you with YOU being able to make up your own mind what happened.   That aspect makes it a good movie.  It lets you be a part of the movie similar to movies made years ago ya know, the ones without the sex blatantly in your face.  They'd kiss and the bedroom door would close and left the rest up to your own imagination.  Now it's all about seeing 'em naked and well, I'm not a prude but I never think that, THAT makes or breaks a movie.  I'm not on Facebook yet.  Maybe one of these days.  People say I should have my little shop on there and maybe I should.  Hmm.  Decisions, decisions.

I'm pleased with myself as I finally made the Chevron stitch work.  I just needed to be full awake to do it.  I kept messing up the counts.  Will have some pics to share next week.

When I went in the market this morning to return the movie I planned on getting a few things for the weekend and being in a kinda rush since I had to go to the bank before I opened the store, I rushed around picked out some food (mostly bread darn-it, good deals always win me over) and since I was rushing, I didn't make coffee so I picked up a cup and then they had some free donut holes so I ate a couple of those and a small hunk went down my sleeve of my sweatshirt and as I was leaving the store maneuvering the basket and coffee splashed onto my arm and inside onto the other sleeve.  Geez, I could snack on my sweatshirt messes.  Isn't it weird that, that kind of stupid stuff sometimes makes ya mad and sometimes ya just laugh at those things in life.  This morning, I laughed. 

Why I'm not thin!

I hope you have plenty to laugh at this weekend.


Clara said...

Ha! Ha! Sorry, I can just picture you and your sweatshirt! You have to laugh at it or it will drive you crazy.

DaCraftyLady said...

Oh my you and me both, my mom used to tell me how her chest was her shelf to catch all the falling food. LOL...and I now do the same??? I totally agree about movies, i too am not a prude, but do not enjoy all the nudeness and profanity that seems to be the highlights of todays movies, which is why I am such a fan of Hallmark and Lifetime and Sci Fi although with Sci Fi it is the big bugs and tornato movies I love, no gore for me, I enjoy the movies with actual talent and ones that include the audience to think ... good bye Cypress trees.. :( love trees and can understand the dilemma.TTFN, Debb I joined your site too. :)

Josie said...

Thanks for your visit when I was're such a mom! I did as you said and took my vitamins, slept a back to 99%.

Don't kick yourself too much over the cypresses. We hate to remove trees, but you need to do it if it's a fire hazard. The house is looking so stately and lovely.

Facebook, hmmmm. I was on it briefly. I found it overwhelming on a day-to-day basis and then I freaked out abt all the privacy breaches by FB so I de-activated. My 'friends' were on it 24/7 and it got to a point where I didn't really need to know what they were doing every minute. I think I'll rent the DVD and check it out based on your review. Gotta hand it to the whiz kid though, his idea was brilliant.

The chevron is turning out great. Look forward to seeing your progress. Have a lovely week, my friend :-)