Monday, January 24, 2011

The Found Package

Howdy, first I just wanta say that I hated the feeling of looking at my different customers as suspects in the, "Case of the missing package".
Here's what happened:
On that Saturday after the pkg. got delivered and I had called K, while I was busy helping a customer, one of my other mailbox customers came in with a whole armful of lightly used bubble wrap and asked me if I wanted it and I said sure, "Go put it in the back room, thanks".  Well, he put it right on top of the box we thought was later lost or stolen.  Now, I hadn't put that box on the pile of other boxes like I thought I, I kept it out thinking that K would come and get it that day since he was anxious to get it.  That is why it was still on the counter and then got covered up with the pile of bubble wrap.  

That was the same Sat. the landlord and his crazy buddies gerry-rigged the ladder to go on the roof, BTW, they got off the roof without injury!  But they made me nervous all day.  

Since Monday was a holiday my DH decided to come to work with me on that following Tuesday.  When we got in the shop that morning, we got busy packing a large shipment.  I needed the counter space so I asked him to put all that bubble wrap that was on the counter to the storeroom and so he scooped it up took it to the back and put it on a pile of other packing materials.  Since the box was lightweight (of course it only had a small ipod touch in it) and only about 10" x 6" x 3" all that darn bubble wrap covered up the box totally and he never felt the box under all the wrap.  So there it sat....hidden....until this morning when my wonderful son found it.  He and DH came in with me to do some errands and also to help organize the storeroom since it's been messy from the Christmas rush.  I had looked back there briefly for the missing pkg but we only put really large pkgs back there and I knew I didn't put it back there.  This was such a relief, I tell ya.  I thought I had lost my mind and gave it mistakenly to another mailbox customer, that I wasn't doing my job, that I 'd let someone down who was counting on me.  

I have to make changes so this doesn't ever happen again.  Also I'm doing up a letter making a new policy that people need to let me know if they are having stuff delivered that is of high value and enforcing our current contract with them which says to pick up their pkgs within 24 hrs of delivery.  I know sometimes people can't make it in but every effort should be made when it is of high value.  In other words, I LIKE TO SLEEP AT NIGHT and this past week has been nuts.  K didn't come get his package today after we left him the msg. this morn.  In fact he didn't even call.  Maybe he's been working all day which is why he can afford a $300.00 ipod!  I swear I feel like sleeping with the damn pkg under my pillow tonite!  But, it is safe so now I will sign off and jump into bed and sleep soundly and I hope you do the same.  

Take care and have a prosperous week!


Clara said...

Oh my gosh! Finally some relief! I bet you are sooo glad that is all over and done with. I hate responsibility when it takes on such situations. You did everything right though, especially being sympathetic and responsible with the customer and keeping him updated. That goes a long way in business. Good stuff. I'm so happy for you.

Terrie said...

Glad for you and a big relief. So you'll have a sleep.

Josie said...

Oh the joys of owning a business...I'm so glad you can now sleep, my friend. Have a wonderful week :-) xxJosie