Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Renovation Update

Here are a some pics of the trees that are now cut back and of the house being painted in the front right now.  The trees look better but I thought they'd be cut even lower so you could see the columns more.  The Umbrella plant is really invasive, see what it's done to the Cypress tree?  It's all bald, no green and all brown on the inside.  Can you tell how close to the columns they are?  They should have been cut down 20 years ago.  They were planted too close to the columns to begin with.  We're thinking that we'll remove those trees after all. 

The new garden is filling in & the pink ice plant is in bloom

A pretty ivy geranium is blooming.

My customer K, was all smiles to get his package yesterday.  Glad that is OVER!

I'm trying to do the chevron crochet stitch (zig-zag) and it's being a bugger and taking me awhile to get it.  I've watched u-tube videos and followed the pattern from one of my crochet books.  I'm not giving up, I'll figure it out. 

Hope you're having a pleasant evening! 


Kris said...

Wow, that is going to be one huge painting job on your house!!! Pictures of the chevron please!

Josie said...

Hi Annieliz, paint job looking good so far. Is that a Colonial style home? Those pillars are huge! Lovely detail along the roof. Are you sure you want to flip this one?! xxJosie

Kris said...

Hey there. In answer to your question re: the felting wool, well, I do no prep whatsoever I simply take the garment apart, saving all buttons and such, then using my good gingher scissors, I snip up the seams and remove them, and take all large pieces and wash in hot water, then dry in the dryer. Voila...felted wool!!!! It sure beats the heck out of buying it for 2.00 a square!!!! Mercy me, maybe I should start selling that too.
Do let me know how you like the chicken. And the muffins are so delicious they will be in your regular baking rotation.
The table got a lot of inquiries. It is going tomorrow to my daughter's good friend. My goodness when it rains it pours!!!

Clara said...

So much maintenance to owning a home. It's continual but well worth it in the end. It's always tough making decisions on large trees and bushes because they do have such an impact and when they are gone, there is definitely a void.

Good luck with the chevron (zig-zag)...I started a ripple and got so frustrated with it (wasn't paying attention)and did a lot of frogging.

Have a great weekend!

DaCraftyLady said...

oh my those trees sure are invasive, I never realized, although I must say my Oleander I have is over 50' high in my yard, but since the city came by and trimmed them my tops are crying out...maintance work is hard to keep up.. ....those pilars are huge..I am in Long Beach not too far from you....hasn't our weather been terrific?? Debb