Friday, January 7, 2011

Holidays Revisited

I snapped some photos of our neighbor's house last night; quick before she starts to dismantle it this weekend.  She always does it up big and her front yard sparkles every year.  I will miss her displays; if all goes well, this will be our last holiday season at this home. 

We've been real busy this week at the shop.  Hope this is a sign of the economy recovering.  We had to do some last minute changes to our phone book ads.  They are throwing in a webpage for us this year.  Hmm, I don't know about that but we'll see.  I'm always leery about things being "free".  I know nothing in this world is actually free, soooo time will tell on this.  

I felt kinda crappy last weekend.  I had 3 days and didn't accomplish much.  I slept more than usual and it was cold by our SoCal standards and I sat and crocheted, read, browsed the web for crochet patterns and made food.  Our oven is officially broken.  Maybe all the cookies finally did the damn thing in.  Crock pot and stove top food until it gets fixed (if ever).   

Here is a picture of my chauffeur for the last couple months.  Now I'm back to working solo again.

My wonderful son driving us to work in the morning.

Our commute along the foothills in the early morning just days before Christmas.  Well, here's to a lovely first week into the new year!  Thanks for stopping by...


Kris said...

Hi there. I sure the economy is making a come back!!! You are lucky you have a driver!!! Was he just home from school or something? I am so happy to be into the new year!!!

Linda said...

What a gorgeous view, and your driver looks like a great guy!