Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gorgeous Day!

Just took this pic looking north outside of my shop right now
Wow, it is so nice out right now.  Just how I like it, very little moisture in the air, blue sky and warm.  Days like this are the reason I have stayed in my birth state of California.  Now, if I could just feel as good as the day is pretty.  I awoke with a small headache hurting behind my eyes.  So I am taking this stuff.  I like it for those minor aches and pains and I love the name "END PAIN" isn't that what we are trying to do?  I don't like taking drugs of any kind but if I have to take something stronger to get thru the day then so be it.

I'm gonna take the M.L. King holiday off on Monday and get more of the kitchen refinished.  That is why I can't be gettin' sick or anything darn it. When I get home today I will start to wash down the cupboards since they have to thoroughly dry before using the finish stuff on 'em.  I haven't worked on them since early November.  Perfect weekend since it will dry fast.  No cooking this wknd! 

This is the snow capped mountains east of us that you can see out my shop's back door this morning.  

Landlord and his buddies have gone up on the roof to go about fixing some of the leaks.  He asked to borrow the ladder I keep at the shop and LOOK what they have concocted.  I just snuck these pics of them while I had the camera taking pics of the mountains.  Geez, guys for heaven's sake get a real ladder made for going up that high.  It's this activity that keeps hospitals in business.  Totally scary and stupid.  I can't wait for 2pm today so I can get the he** outta here.  
Does that look dangerous or what? 

On a lighter note...some of you don't know I have Cinderella feet, hee, hee.  I buy kids shoes when I find something I like.  I got these while Christmas shopping.  They are comfortable and perfect for no rain days.
That's all I got for today.  Hope you have a fantastic weekend and make something beautiful!


Pammy Sue said...

That's a great view you've got there, and it looks like a lovely day too. Love the peace signs on your shoes! I like hippie stuff.

Yep, no-brainer on the ladder rigged up being dangerous. Yikes.

Clara said...

That ladder is a no, no!

Love those slippers and let's hope no more headaches for a bit!

Kris said...

Isn't it gorgeous today? I have been out doing some yard cleaning. Hope you feel better soon. And what are you doing to your kitchen? Did I miss something? Love your teeny tiny feet in those shoes!!!
That ladder.....OSHA is not going to approve! My husband is the safety guy at our business. Wow...what a no no!!! Have a great weekend. Feel better! Our son is playing a gig tonight in Tustin. It will be nice to sit outside and listen to music.

Terrie said...

What a pretty day ! Hope you better now. The ladder is no no. People should have work safty. Good luck for that.