Monday, August 9, 2010

My DHL Birthday Day

Gosh, I've been busy!  It was my b-day last week and it was nice turning 29 again.  Actually the age I liked was about 35 or so really.  No aches or pains, energy at the end of the day, still had more than half my life to  live!  No more diapers, the kids old enough to talk in full sentences, able to get some food on their own and I just had to tell 'em to, "grab a sweatshirt, use the bathroom and grab a snack if you want" before going someplace.  No more carrying around everything except the kitchen sink!  Remember cutting up your kids meat?  Keeping their food separate and not touching each other?  Those days are over but there is always challenges in young adulthood and you never really "outgrow" your need to connect with your parents at any age.  When they are no longer "earthbound" we connect with them through our memories of 'em. 

I didn't do anything special as far as b-days go, a regular workday except we did go to a DHL (international shipping company) open house at the Los Angeles airport DHL terminal in the morning.  It was like continuing education really.  US Customs spoke about the fake trademarked merchandise that they stop from illegally coming into our country.  They look for obvious things like the name spelled wrong for instance.  They showed us a fake Louis Vuitton purse that had this thin layer of brown plastic with little designs similar to the trademark but not close enough to keep from coming in but when they did a closer inspection, the layer could easily be removed to show the counterfeit real looking LV purse underneath.  Those clever bad guys!

We got to go into one of their cargo planes a Boeing 767 and see the sort facility, all their offices; boy, it sure takes allot of people to move goods around our spinning ball we live on.

A knowledgable DHL staff member told us that this is the historic building they used as the set for the airport (in Cuba) for the movie Casablanca.

They even fed us lunch and gave us a goody bag!

Just what I needed, a new truck and airplane!

I use DHL exclusively for international shipments.  They're good, fast and have been doing it longer than either UPS or FEDEX.  They also have a larger fleet and are better known in other countries, kinda like we think of UPS and FEDEX here in the US.

Thanks for stoppin' by!

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Linda said...

Happy belated birthday! What a cool way to celebrate. ;)