Thursday, August 12, 2010

Look What I Won!

I entered the Threads Magazine (website) book giveaway last month and I was one of two winners!  Now I can't say I never win anything.

Stitch-Opedia looks like it will be a great reference tool.  They also have some projects you can do.

 I was hoping to get some ideas and also (new to me) techniques to apply to the jacket I'm embellishing.  I've only done a little bit of embroidery before so this should help me allot!  I only have one other embroidery book and it's been packed away.  Right now I'm almost done with the blanket stitches around the edges and collar.  I wanted to embellish the pockets, too with some type of flower design.

Here's the content page:

They include some history of the different techniques included in the book.  Throughout the ages they sure did some beautiful work!

I always liked stumpwork (padded applique) but I didn't know that that is what it's called until I got this book.  I did a wall hanging in high school where I batik dyed the fabric and did some embroidery and stumpwork on it.  Wish I still had it; I probably sold it at a garage sale!

This pic isn't in focus, sorry.  Wow, such tedious tiny stitches.

Amazing what artisans do with fabric, a needle and some thread!

That's all for now...

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