Saturday, August 21, 2010

Garden Update

Quick before the sun and heat burns them all, I took some pictures.  The front is filling in and has some blooms.  Some of the plants had enough shock so they lost their leaves but have come back and are blooming now.  A couple years ago I had thrown some Nasturtium seeds into that area and I have one plant that is prolific that is blooming it's heart out from a seed from that long ago!  We had turned over the soil so much that I didn't think that there would be any seeds from before near the surface.  Goes to show ya Mother Nature fools us!
Nasturtium flowers
I'm headed out to the sewing machine store in Montrose after I close or should I do grocery shopping first here or do it closer to home, decisions, decisions.  They are having a sweepstakes promotion and I want to win.  Mayhall's Sewing Center has been in business since before I was born, it's true.  So I must not be that old.  This got me thinking, ya know what is cool about Europe?  It's when companies have been around since the 1700's or earlier (for real) you feel they really know what they're doing!  Like buying Twining's Tea for instance.  A few years ago my sis-in-law came back from her hometown, outside of London and gave me this cute thatched cottage designed teapot with Twinings tea to go in it.  They've been in business seems like forever (over 300 years!!).  I digress...where was I?  Oh yeah my garden.  Here are some pix I took yesterday before work.

I have some gladiolus that I planted and they are getting close to blooming.  I'll be surprised because I don't remember what color they are.  Does this have to do with age, this remembering?  Ahem, not going there right now. 

Even the weeds on the cement are doing well
My Dahlia finally opened up this week

Gerbera Daisy

Potted miniature rose bush

Big leaved Begonia

I'm getting real close to finishing the scarf that started out as a summer top.  I'll post it soon.  No, I haven't started the summer hat I was planning on making.

I am going to be working on the kitchen tomorrow so stay tuned for some before and afters of that!

Just one more pix... then I gotta get outta here.  See ya...


Pammy Sue said...

Your garden filled out so nicely and looks great! Loved the pictures. I think the Dahlia is my favorite.

Linda said...

I love surprises in the garden--your nasturtiums are gorgeous. Your garden looks lovingly tended and lush!