Monday, August 23, 2010

Hot Monday

Hey, it's become a normal summer now.  Should be in the low 100's tomorrow here in the valley.  That's when I wouldn't mind living at the beach.  My fav saying lately, THIS TOO, SHALL PASS.  I worked on the kitchen yesterday along with watering the plants and some laundry.  Because of the heat, I drank allot of fluids and woke this morning to face and eye puffiness.  A fender bender accident woke me up early but I laid there not wanting to get up.  Today flew by which is good.

My trip to the Sewing Machine store last Sat. was in vain.  Nice people but NO, they didn't participate in the sweepstakes they said they usually do but didn't this time, Go Figure???  When I got home I looked on the internet and the next closest one was in Long Beach that was open on Sunday but I just couldn't justify spending such a chunk of time on a "maybe I'll win" when I have all these fix it projects to do.  What the heck, not very many sewing machine stores in the LA area; it seems we don't sew here or something?? 

The sweeps ends today, darn it.  The grand prize is a new BMW car or 30,000.00 in cash.  I'll take the cash, thanks.  So I got this bright idea that maybe there was a store near my sis.  Sure enough, there's one in San Juan Capistrano and this time I called to see if they were participating and he said yes and I told him I'm sending my mom and sis over there to enter!!!  Called my sis and she said she'd go over and do it for me.  What a sweetie!!!  So I'm crossing my fingers on this one. 

Here's before pix of the kitchen eating area that I'm about to embark on with my trusty new wood refinisher stuff.  I'll do it in 2 parts, eating area first and then the main kitchen next.

I didn't choose the floor, it does hide dirt well though

I'm off to clean the cupboards and all the wood or I should say as much as I can get done tonight!  Thanks for stopping by...


Linda said...

Just about the time you are getting hot weather, ours has finally broken! I'm enjoying 56 degree weather this morning. :)

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on the sweepstakes. Think of all the yarn you could buy! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi, finally got caught up on your blog. The front garden looks GREAT! Love you sis!

Muriel said...

i enjot your blog beautiful pictures and craft.. regards from brazil... have a great week