Saturday, August 14, 2010

Decorative Art Nitestand

Several years ago I was into decorative painting.  I still love to paint but finding the time to do it is what's hard!  I used to try painting while being here at the shop in between customers but the paint would dry in my brush by the time I got back to it and found that crocheting was much more portable.

My fav piece that I did was this nitestand.  It's my own design.  I like how it turned out.  I'll get back to painting one of these days.  I always thought it would be fun to paint themes/scenes in children's rooms.  

The more correct color of the nitestand is the first photo.

I've been busy here at the shop and then I've been staying late to list some stuff on ebay since they have free auction listings thru Sept. 7th.  So I haven't been working on fixing up the house very much. 

The new garden has been doing very well.  We've had such a mild summer so far.  Really it's the coolest one I can remember!  That fact alone has kept my new plantings from burning up for lack of a root system.  I can tell it's gonna be warmer today, though.  No cloud cover this morning and as sunny as can be...but I don't care because I'm going down to the beach to hang with my sis and her family and to see my mom, too.  Mom, sis and I are planning to see the movie, Eat, Pray, Love and share a bit of "girlfriend" time.  I also need to return a really cute blouse at a boutique my sis got for me for my b-day because it's too small, ugg!  Damn menopause!!

Have a lovely weekend and stay cool!!


Linda said...

Your decorative painting is lovely--you could illustrate books!

I didn't know about eBay's free listings!

D. Carlen said...

It is BEAUTIFUL. You do such nice work. I never thought I was very good at the painting which is why I stopped it. The knitting and the crocheting...usually perfection...and I think that is more about the craft itself than the skill applied. Anyhow...stopped by to say "hi." Can't finish the bathroom this upcoming vacation because we're broke...and I mean broke. Never had money be so tight before. 1 more semester of college for the daughter to pay for, and all else due. So, we stop buying, we start saving and eventually everything is fine again. I'm tired of being a grownup. *smile* Take care, D