Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ladies' Day Out

Good Evening!  Last Saturday my bestest childhood friend and I met for an afternoon of talking, eating and shopping at the new Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  It is about halfway between us so travel time is about the same since we live sorta far apart from each other.  If you've never been to this pretty outdoor shopping mall you should go for a visit.  It is 150 acres of stores, like a little town of just pretty facades of storefronts. Most major stores are there and you have fast food and good restaurants and a movie theater, too.

We mostly sat outside and talked, catching up with the goings-on of our lives.  It was such a pretty day, a bit warm for the 1st day of spring but I'm not complaining!  We ordered the peach/green tea drink from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and it was soooo good!  It's the one on the bottom right.  Wish I had one right now...

That particular drink is just there temporarily so you should go right now and try it, yum!

I got these from a shop called Francesca's .  I just couldn't resist.  I'm only using one right now for my house key since I'm always trying to find it in the dark on my front porch!

Our lovely day came to a close after eating at Paisano's Italian restaurant.  Sad to say good-bye since everyone's so busy all the time and getting together doesn't happen as often as it should.  Hope you get to meet up with a friend soon to chat and hang out!

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