Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cool, Blustery Day

Good day!  For So. Cal. it's a hat day.  Crisp cool air is blowing my door open a bit and it's blowing away any chance of rain.  Here's what it looks like facing north towards the San Gabriel Mountains this morning.

What I'm working on today is cleaning up the shop.  Time to vacuum, dust and make some keys for the mailboxes.  Also need to check the stock and order some cardboard boxes.

I've been waiting for a center piece for the curtain rod.  The rod supports finally gave away before the end of the year and I've hunted for the right hardware since then.  The valance is supposed to match the front window:

This is what it looks like now because the DHL sign sticks out too far from the window so I needed a 5 inch bracket on each side to hold the valance away from the sign and you'd think because were in such a big city that I could find it with no problem but it hasn't been easy!  When we put up the sign originally almost 2 years ago it made the valance stick out funny but since it stayed up, I never got to really fixing it but since it gave way, now I have to do something about it. 

I ordered a set of 5 inch brackets from a company in Florida and then when I rec'd it I needed a center bracket which I thought was common and went looking for it and had no such luck so I ordered it from a beautiful home fabrics shop called Calico Corners.  If you like home decorating you'd love this store.  Such stunning fabrics.  I called the store last Saturday to see if my part came in and they told me to expect it between March 18th thru the 25th!  Geeze, it'll be more than a month from when I ordered it to get the bracket.

After I clean up then I'll get back to organizing the back room.  Looks a little bit better than the last pictures, don't ya think?  Still have a ways to go though.

Hope you are having a lovely day!

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