Monday, March 22, 2010

Itchy and Scratchy

Hello!  No, it's not the cartoon characters!

We as women, will wear high heels, dresses and outfits with lace and other accoutrements that can be itchy and all that but when it comes to lounging, we want to be comfortable!

Have you ever bought something to wear thinking that it would be comfortable and then it turns out to be poking you, making you itch and scratch????

Well, I did just that.  While doing Christmas shopping last Dec. I came across some flannel pjs that were a good deal, very cheery and brightly colored and my pjs were getting thin so I got 'em (Christmas gift for me, do you ever do that?).  I knew they would be too long in the sleeves and pants since I'm small; I'm used to that.  BUT when I wore them on Christmas morning they were pokie.  The culprit was in the seams I could tell.  Lo and behold, there is a plastic silver thread that is running throughout the plaid and sticking out here and there.  I tucked them away wondering if I should just wear them inside-out.

 The poking thread!

They have nice details, like velvet covered buttons and a tie belt:

Thankfully, I am blessed with a sewing machine and knowledge of sewing so I went to work hemming the sleeves and pants.  Then after careful thought, decided to get some bias tape to cover the seams.  It isn't a hard job just a bit time consuming.  While into it I thought I should have just bought some fabric and made some pjs, oh well ya live and learn!!

Here I go...

Wore 'em to bed last night and no itchy-scratchy!
Hope you have a pleasant and comfortable week.

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