Friday, March 19, 2010

Jordan's T-Ball

Hello, I went to my sis' last weekend to watch my nephew, Jordan, (who is 6 years old) play in his 2nd T-Ball game of the season.  For those who don't know what T-ball is, it is a baseball game that young boys play where they don't keep score but that each team gets to be in the outfield 3x and everyone on the team gets a chance at batting 3x, too.  It's really an introduction to playing baseball and they get to learn the sport without competition.

Jordan after waking up with a smile that says, "Hurry up with the photo, I want to get back to my video game".

Here he is up to bat:

Making it to 1st base:

Here's his team waiting for their turn to bat:

I hope you win or at least have fun at whatever game you are playing this weekend, enjoy! 

1 comment:

BigheadDad said...

Great times.
My son played T-Ball last year at age 5 and this is his 2nd year. I was asked to coach the team this year and I am having a hard time finding my way through dealing with that many kids.
I have to keep reminding myself its about the kids!
Good luck to your nephew! Remind him to choke up on that bat and not to play with the dirt in the field! It Ruins T-Ballers!