Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nasty Cold Bug

Hi, I haven't posted in awhile since I've had all I can do to just get through each day since this darn virus attacked me!  Having your own shop and not being able to stay home and rest is really a drag.  I don't get sick that often (as I knock on wood) so when I do I don't slow down enough.  It seems I got over the flu part pretty fast but then it turned into a head cold and then a sinus infection.  It went like this: One day I'd feel better (and then I'd probably over-do it) and then the next day I felt wiped out again. Up and down, up and down...

Yesterday I was crabby and moaned to my sister (poor thing); the post office lost my postage stamp order etc., had a mild headache all day behind my eyes and then last night I slept for 10 hours and feel sooooo much better today.  I have some things to share with you so I'll be posting a bit more really soon.  Hope you are taking your vitamin c and getting plenty of rest so you don't catch a bug!

Meanwhile enjoy my front yard in bloom!

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