Thursday, April 29, 2010

Crochet Squares Blanket Update

Hi,  here is my skyscraper of 72, 12" crochet squares soon to become a blanket!  I finished crocheting the last white scalloped edge on Sunday.

 lay them out and decide the placement of each so it looks balanced.  Then, sew 'em up!  Sounds easy but I know it'll take me awhile to do it.

We had a little rain night before last and yesterday was fresh and cool.  Today we have some wind and it has blown away all the clouds and is crisp and cool out right now.  Just the beautiful kind of day to be out of doors.  I hope you are out enjoying the day!

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Linda said...

I discovered your blog through your comment on Pens and Needles and have really enjoyed reading your posts about gardening and crocheting and life in CA. Just when I think I'm tired of the whole blog scene, I find one like yours that is refreshingly pure and simple and inspiring.