Friday, April 23, 2010

Tracy's Lovely Tea Party

Hi, I'm back finally feeling more myself.  What a dreaded few weeks feeling like c**p has been and so glad that is behind me.

I wanted to share our lovely tea birthday party we had a couple Sunday's ago celebrating my bestest childhood friend who turned the big 5-0 on the 12th.  Her sis called me and said let's meet at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Laguna Niguel in the Dana Point Harbor to do a little surprise tea party for Tracy and I said, "I''ll be there"!  My buddy Tracy has been fighting breast cancer.
Here's a pic of her, isn't she cute?

Her family moved next door to us the summer that Tracy and I would be in 5th grade come the fall, and our moms were lifelong friends as well as our sisters, too.  We recently lost Tracy and Blythe's mom, Eileen, and we miss her but she was partying with us that day in spirit.  While growing up, Tracy and I were inseparable.  We had vivid imaginations and lived in our own world.  In the summers, she would go on vacation and I was lost without her.  I would take care of her cat, George and I'd go to feed him and when he would meow and cry, I completely understood. 

Here's the entrance.  If you've ever had the pleasure of attending an event or being a guest you are lucky as you well know because you are treated very well at the Ritz-Carlton hotels.  If you ever get a chance to go to one please do, as it's fun to dress up now and then.

Here's the lobby...

Here's the party girls from left to right:  Tracy's daughter, Alyssa who's 20 and is a beautiful ballet dancer; Blythe, Tracy's younger sister; my mom, Jeanne; Tracy, Me, and my sis, Yvonne.

Here are all the treats; little sandwiches, fruit, tea and several desserts, yum!

Everything was very delish and they kept coming to make sure that we had hot water for our tea and checking up on us.  They did however knock over one of the teapots full of hot water with a bit of tea in it and had to change one of the tablecloths, but it was okay since it gave us a little excitement for the day and nobody got burned!  Other than that, we had a terrific time catching up on all our lives and promising to get together and to keep in touch.

Tracy and me...

May I ask you a favor?  Could you put Tracy in your prayers?  I really want her to have many more b-days and to be able to see her grandchildren someday, thanks...from the bottom of my heart.  Have a great weekend!

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