Friday, April 30, 2010

Red Box Movies

Have you heard about Red Box?  I noticed one in the grocery store last week (yeah, I know I'm behind the times).  They have them all over in the USA.  You can rent movies for a dollar a day.  It's a large automated kiosk full of the latest movies including new releases.

This works for me since I don't have cable, dish network or anything with a million channels at home.  I  just have bunny ears, the antiquated way to watch TV and one of those dtv converters.  Believe me, if I had a bunch of channels I'd be watching TV in the small amount of time I have at home and NOTHING else would get done.  I'd watch all the "how to" shows and then I'd never have the time to actually put to use all the things I was learning about from those shows.  I may get it later if I ever get to retire!

This is the real Coco, left and Audrey Tautou

I watched the movie Coco Before Chanel.  It's French with subtitles but that was ok since I like the sound of the French language.  The movie was very good, a tad sad though.  Audrey Tautou was fabulous as Coco.  I've been sewing since I was about 7 and the story of Coco being a woman designer in her time is a wonderful thing.  Hardly a day goes by that I don't think of all the brave and talented women that came before me and paved the way for the women of today to be just about anything they want to be.  They don't have to be prostitutes, seamstresses, house cleaners, librarians, teachers or wives for that matter.  It's certainly ok for women to choose those professions but the door is wide open to do so much more.  Coco got rid of the corset.  Have you ever worn one?  Fun for about 20 minutes and then get me outta this thing.  She gave us the little black dress; a comfortable feminine suit; taught us to not over accessorize and always look and smell like a lady.  Her Chanel No. 5 perfume was the first ever designer fragrance way back in 1920.  She passed away the year I was in 6th grade, 1971.

My grade school cafeteria, what a cool 60's building!

This reminds me of when I was in 5th grade circa 1968-69 that 4 of my girlfriends and I decided to wear pants to school the next day.  I've always been a sort of rebel and growing up with 5 brothers made me toughen up but I was never a tomboy.  Well, the 5 of us did show up in our brother's pants and guess what?  We were treated as semi boys that day.  Our teacher was a woman and yet she made us stand in the boys line before and after recess and again when we walked to the cafeteria at lunchtime.  We were told not to wear pants anymore to school and as I recall we didn't.  GUESS WHAT??  About a handful of years later when my younger brother had her for his teacher and I needed to go get him and my little sister from school, guess what this same teacher was wearing?  Yup, you guessed it, PANTS.  It was a pantsuit but still what a hypocrite.  A few years later when I was in junior high we could wear nice pantsuits to school but most of us still wore dresses.  Because the mini dress was popular we wore shorts under our dresses.  By high school most of us gals wore pants all the time.  Bell bottom jeans were all the rage and that started all of us wearing jeans up to present time.

Hey I'm outta here.  Work's over for the day and I'm headed up to the mall to use my coupon for a free sampling of 4 shades of the new Chanel lipsticks.  You all have a nice weekend and thanks for stopping by.

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