Monday, February 28, 2011

Refinishing, Wool and Flowers

What I've been up to since it's been 10 days from my last post:
I had the shop open only 4 days last week as there was President's Day on Monday and then last Saturday was the yearly Camellia Festival and parade where they close the street off and nobody including the postal carrier can get to me so I have learned to just close up for the day as there isn't any business anyhow.

I worked quite a bit on the kitchen and figure 2 more wknds and the refinish part should be done, yippee!  The final reveal still won't be for awhile as there will be more sanding and painting nearby the kitchen and I don't want to decorate just to have to wash sanding dust from all of it, if ya know what I mean???

I washed allot of old wool suits and pants that the moths had got to (I plan to use them to make rugs and or felt type projects in the future) and then bagged them in plastic with a few mothballs just in case the soap and water didn't kill 'em all.  I will box them all up this week.  I'm talking here, quite a few woolen items: coats, jackets and pants that we inherited from different people and when they were hanging in my room to dry it smelled allot like wet DOG!  Sorta sad to cut them up as there sure is an amazing amount of handiwork that goes into all that sewing.

I came across some clothing items that I'm selling on ebay soon that all needed to be photographed.  That took a chunk out of yesterday afternoon.  I'm downloading the pics right now, 182 pics in all.  Out of all the pix, I'll only use a few of the best ones for each of the auction pages.

We've had a few days of rain so I didn't have to spend any time watering the potted or garden plants.  The contractors weren't able to come most of last week and that is putting me behind on planting in the bare spaces since the trees are gone now.  The last rain was a cold one and put snow on our local mountains down real low and it was so pretty on my drive in this morning and I wanted to take photos for you but the camera was of course, in the backseat in the tote bag.

I've hardly crocheted at all the last couple weeks.  I did find a Ravelry member with some green yarn I needed so when I get that I can start on my next project.
The worst cabinets, in front of the sink.

Without flash

With flash.  I can't wait to show you the transformation!

My violets are blooming so pretty right now.  Here's a few pics for ya.

Have a fabulous week!

Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Raining Now

We're supposed to get quite a bit of rain this weekend.  NOT looking forward to the drive home tonight.  My long time friend, Wayne came by the shop today and surprised me with pizza for lunch.  It's been a quiet week for the most part which sometimes is a good thing esp. in the case of the missing ipod package.

Here are the 2 books I got recently.  I love Scandinavian design and this book has some simple patterns to do in it.  I esp. like the bird motif on the chair pads and the pom poms are cute.

This book has pretty sweaters and I wouldn't mind making them all but I have to start out with the easiest one first.

This one looks nice on the model but I have a feeling that it would make me look like I had Popeye arms, hee, hee!

I want to make this one in ivory color.  It has 3/4 length, slight bell sleeves and according to the book it's an easy pattern and to be safe, I'll use the yarn it calls for in the pattern.

This is the yarn that I got from Big Lots.  I went and got 3 more skeins of the yellow the other night so now I have 6 and it will be mostly a yellow project.  I want to get green so I have to see where I can get it from.  Maybe Ravelry has someone who wants to get rid of one.  I have a plan for these but it's a surprise to be revealed later! According to the Lion Brand website I saved about $13.00 by getting it at Big Lots :)

Here is part of my small collection of Hedgehogs.  Most of my stuff is packed except these 2 until we move and I couldn't resist getting these garden gloves the other day, they have Hedgies on 'em!

I'm getting close to finishing the Chevron scarf and then I plan to start on the next project using my new springtime colored yarn!

I've decided to close on Monday, President's Day and continue to work on the kitchen.  I don't really feel like it but it has to get done and maybe I can get allot accomplished having Sat. afternoon, Sun. and Monday to whip it out.

That's all for now, thanks for stopping by and have a nice weekend!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Thanks to Terrie Smiling for bestowing me this award!  Terrie likes to make felted and handmade items so go see her pretty blog.

With this award, the following applies:
Post linking back to the person that gave you the award.
Share 7 random things about yourself.
Award 15 recently discovered bloggers.
Drop them a note, and tell them about it!

7 Random things about me:

1) I am 4'11" (1.4986 meters) tall.  The runt of the litter of 6 siblings; 5 brothers and the baby, (best) sister (ever).

2) When I was 20 I was the model for a fairly famous (now) American artist.  The painting I was told, is hanging in a bank in Chicago.  It is approx. 9 feet long by 6 feet high.  I never saw it finished only a small print reproduction of it.

3) I used to be really shy when I was a young child.  Now I can talk to anyone about anything.

4) I am left handed.  Although living in a right-handed world I do allot with my right hand.  According to my mom, I would use whatever utensil that was nearest to that hand to eat, draw or color using crayons in a coloring book and until I got to school she didn't know which hand I would choose to write with.  I crochet left and knit right handed.

5) What pains me most in life is when people treat others badly.

6) Even though I was a single mom for about 7 years and it was tough and we struggled financially, it was the most favorite time of my life being a mom to my daughter and son.  Before they were 18, we moved from home to home 10x.

7) I want to live on a mini farm growing food, flowers and having a menagerie of animals by my side while staying busy making artistic creations and never having to move my home again.  

Here are 15 bloggers to give this award to.  There are so many wonderful creative blogs to choose from!  Whew! 

They are in no particular order:

1.  Tejiendo mi vida  in Spanish to English it means "Weaving My Life" Pam likes to crochet and weave yarn.

2. The Jilted Ballerina Tracey is a talented artist and a yarnie.  She has 140 you- tube tutorials for you! 

3.  Oklahoma Peach Fuzz  Linda is a professional caterer; go see what she's cooking for some delish recipes!

4.  Rain and Shine  Amy is an artist and designs textile prints.

5.  Lallee's Cottage  Lallee takes pretty nature photos and does crochet, too.

6.  Simple Knits  Vicki is a yarnie and she sells her yarnie patterns.

7.  Lally Lou Lou  Louise is a yarnie and makes delightful designs and has patterns for you, too.

8.  Resweater  Kris makes items out of old sweaters and she also sells some sweaters so you can make whatcha want out of them.

9.  The Fairies Nest  Cynthia makes the prettiest felt dolls and toys.  Very magical!

10.  Out of My Book  My friend Michelle makes pretty scrapbooking and paper creations go check her out!

11.  Positively Crochet  Mary Jane is a crochet designer and has written 2 books and sells her patterns.  I plan to get one of her books soon!

12.  ElenaRegina Handmade  Elena Regina is a handbag designer and she does crochet also.

13.  Posh Pooch Designs  Sara designs and makes the cutest crocheted doggie hats and sweaters.  She has patterns for you, too.

14.  PB Designs Reading and Stitching Blog  Debb aka DaCraftyLady, has a fun blog and she sells her creations and crochet patterns.

15.  Erdbeerdiamant  in German to English it means "strawberry diamond".  Tracey Ann makes the cutest long legged cloth and crochet dolls and other crocheted items.

Enjoy visiting these blogs while munching on some of your Valentine chocolate!  Have a beautiful day!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

If you were here I'd share my candy hearts that I put out for my customers today!

Hope you have a special day and if ya didn't get any flowers, jewelry or candy and you wanted something, go buy it for yourself.  You deserve it! 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ha Ha on Me!

Hi there, I just have to laugh at myself, I'm just a toolin' along on the Chevron Scarf and then I noticed that if I continued the pattern the way I was headed that the ends of the scarf wouldn't be the same!  Hmmm.  That's what I get for not following any pattern except of course the basic pattern of chevron stitch. 

This edge is the beginning.

This edge would be the other end (except it would be blue).

Here I have it folded on top of itself. See how they don't match?

Now, if I were making it to butt up together (like making a circle or let's say a sleeve) then it would work out perfectly and seamless.  But since it's a scarf, I want the ends to match.  So I had to think of what to do.  I have now BECOME a crochet pattern maker, hee, hee.

My solution is to make two identical pieces and seam them together in the middle which would be at the back of the neck. 

I started the other piece last night and now the ends WILL match!

It's become a tad on the wavy side and I hope after blocking it will flatten out some.

I poked around Big Lots (store) last night just to see what good deals they had.  I haven't been there since last spring I think it was.  I was curious if they had any closeout yarn and sure enough they did.  I'll show ya my find, soon.  I also got a couple books last week from Joann's and I'll share those, too.

I hope wherever you are it warms up for you this weekend and you getta chance to go out and enjoy yourself! 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Treeless + Flowers

Howdy, a quick update.  Here is the front now after the trees are gone.  I wanted to take the pics when the front was less cluttered but the contractors haven't come this week so there ya go, I took pics anyway this morning before I left for work. 

I got these flowers when I stopped at the dollar store yesterday.  6 plants, 6 bucks!  They'll be planted where the trees used to be.  Mini red roses and Campanula (Bellflower, Blue Bells).  Hope they survive without too much sun.

Have a lovely Friday and thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Must See, the Documentary, "I Am"

I heard about this while driving to work this morning.  He's the director of the comedy, "Ace Ventura Pet Detective"  Remember that movie?  So funny and that cute adorable dog??  Well, this guy, Tom Shadyac had a bicycle accident and almost died.  After his recovery he decided to make this film and went around the world asking famous and some not so famous people these 2 questions:  "What's wrong with our world" and "What can we do about it?".  Look's interesting.  I'ts coming out in selected places this month and in March at more theaters.  

Welcome February!  The "Lovers" month although, I like to extend it to "Love Everyone" month or least one day, Feb.14th.  That way nobody can complain that they are being left out and nobody has to be depressed about it.  Want chocolate or flowers?  Heck buy it for yourself, that's what I say!!!  Also February has Presidents Day so I get to take a monday off and work on my seemingly never ending kitchen project and then there is the local Camellia Festival.  They have a parade down the main street here on the last Saturday of the month and all proceeds go to children's organizations.  Since they close off the street, nobody can get to my shop and so I get another day off.  

I ordered some online fabric to make a small ruffle (like a curtain) to put above the sink in the kitchen where it's always been bare and kinda ugly.  I think that's where they had their paper towels.  Pics of it as soon as it's done for ya.  I still need to refinish those cabinet doors so MAYBE I will get to it by the end of this month.
This is to match all the super cheap Rooster decor I got at Joann's a couple months ago.  I'll have pics of that
when I am finally finished with the whole kitchen project.

The weather in the midwest and eastern US as well as Australia is wild.  I hope you are warm, safe and dry where you are.  

Sending WARMTH your way, Annie

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Helium Pups, Chevron Scarf

Look what I found at the grocery store this morning.  Wo(man's) best friend!  Sorta freaked me out at first.  When I went around the corner they moved a little and that's when I noticed them.  CUTE.  I want one, I WANT both.  Actually, I wanta REAL doggie or two or three. 
Adorable helium Doxies!

Here is the scarf I'm working on for Danny.  It's to match his hat I crocheted over.  It will mostly be the charcoal color.  I love the blue yarn, it has many different colors in it when you look close.  Far away it looks just blue.  I thought Danny would like these two colors together.  Now in the early mornings when he is out at the racetrack working with the horsies he won't be cold. 

This yarn is Lion Brand Wool-Ease in 115 Blue Mist.  The charcoal is Naturally Caron Country they are both wool acrylic blend.

 I've only done a few rows by last night but it's going faster now that I memorized the pattern.  Just an ordinary Chevron stitch in single crochet.

I worked 4 hours on Sunday removing the plants (to save them) that surrounded the trees that were removed yesterday.  My son was helping and we got soaking wet.  Of course it had to rain when that was the ONLY day I had to remove them.  I was gonna take photos this morning of what it looks like without the trees but there were cars in the way and other stuff so maybe the contractors will come tomorrow and I'll take pics then.  The big house even looks BIGGER now without the trees.

Happy day to ya!