Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Walls

I've been busier this week here at the shop.  That is good since maybe it's a sign that the economy is recovering.  I do like to see when people come in with a "Loan Modification Agreement" that needs to be notarized since this is one more person that is gonna be able to stay in their house and not lose it to foreclosure.

My hubby and I went to see Michael Moore's, Capitalism: A Love Story film the other night.  A must see.  Go see it.  The truth about what is going on needs to be understood by everyone.  We need to take back our country.  That's all I want to say because I want you to PLEASE see the film.

Here are some pix of our new walls and ceiling:

The drywall mud has been applied sanded and is drying now.  Through that white door is the bathroom and a couple of walls and part of the ceiling needs to be fixed in there, too.  I'll show ya that soon.

In celebration of Halloween coming up, here is a couple pix of Mr. Spider that I almost ran into while leaving the house.  He was sitting in his huge web he made and sure gave me a scare and the heebee jeebies this morning.

Sorry if this creeps you out.

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