Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Fedex Buddies

Looks like Fedex is taking over!  Really, it's pix of delivery trucks early last Saturday morning (that is why there isn't as much traffic).  I often see them on my drive into work.  They are leaving from a terminal on San Fernando Road.  They go up to 2 Fwy and then branch off to where they have deliveries.  There are 5 trucks and look at how perfectly their distance is to one another in the second pic.  Looks like it was staged.  You do have to be a good driver to work for them!

Meet my delivery and pick-up Fedex drivers that help me send and receive important packages and letters to you and your loved ones:

This is Juan.  He's been my Express delivery and pick-up driver for more than 10 years.  He is a sweetie and ladies, he's not married yet!  He's into hunting and mountain bike riding.

This is Anthony.  He is my delivery and pick-up driver for Fedex Ground Service.  We've been working together for almost a year and ladies, he's also single.

This is Rick.  He helps Juan by making his pick-ups for him on his busiest days.  Geez, I've known him for years but not as long as I've known Juan.  Ricks happily married.

Come to think of it, my job isn't so bad, I get to hang out with these good-lookin' guys everyday for a few minutes!  Lucky me!  If you had a mailbox here, these are the men that would bring you packages!  Lucky you!

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