Monday, October 5, 2009

Feels Like Fall

Hey, yup fall is here.  Cooler today and I just passed by the thermostat and it says 68 degrees on it.  I have both doors open and there is a constant breeze through the shop this morning.   I wore a cotton knit lightweight long sleeve shirt in preparation for today's cool down.  Glad summer's over as I get tired of wearing the same thing!  Bill my mailman, just brought the mail and he is wearing long pants!  His usual attire is postal blue shorts.  Wow, it is just beautiful out today. 

Do you So Cal drivers ever use the Sigalert site on the internet before taking off somewhere?  I use it daily while I'm putting on my make-up, I have my laptop next to me watching the traffic patterns.  This morning there was an accident on the 210 east in Pasadena which is how I travel in the mornings on my way to the shop.  Lifeflight helicopter had to land on the fwy and the traffic was backed up for miles onto the 134 fwy above Eagle Rock for over 2 hours.  Glad I knew so I left later than usual and just got the tail end of the slow down on my way in.  Saved me time and I didn't get stuck, yeah!  Thanks to my friend Danny and his computer knowledge for my laptop!

Besides cleaning and most mundane Sunday chores, I got out my long abandoned crochet afghan project and I'm trying to decide how to attach them.  I have 69 squares now and here is a pix of some of them.  There is something about yarn and heat that don't go together and now since it's cooler I'll get going on this.  I really should finish it.  Every square is a different pattern with similar colors in each one.  Have any suggestions?

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Miss Prudence said...

wow your rug is going to look great!
thanks for your lovely comments!