Friday, July 22, 2011

Beach Weekend and Party

Hi, seems forever since I posted and quickly this is what I've been up to:

Of course working the shop like usual.  The credit card machine went psycho last Saturday and began spitting out paper from the printer.  Glad I got to work when I did to shut it all off.  I had to order another one and so my customers have had to write checks and pay with cash this week.  Inconvenient for them but I've gotten to keep all the money and not share a percentage with the banks (Visa/MC) :)

Looking for a place to move to since the house will go on the market pretty soon (I'm told).

Packing up items, bit by bit (I hate moving).
Slowed down on the planting since my finger needed a rest and it is doing better.  Just as well I'm taking the weekend off from gardening.

Planning the 80th birthday party for our mom whereas my sis has been doing the footwork.  Thanks, Yvonne!
We have about 60 people attending.

Tonight my daughter and I are driving down to my sis' to prepare for the party that will be held on Sunday.
We plan to sneak away from the party preparation for a little time tomorrow or Sunday and go to the beach and the pier and have an umbrella drink, just the two of us.  Here are some pics of San Clemente Beach where we are headed tonight.
Walking towards the San Clemente pier

South side of pier
See the Amtrak Train?
The train runs along the beach on it's way to San Diego

North side of the pier

Since my air conditioner is packed :( I picked up a couple of these temporary window screens at Big Lots for cheap and it's better than nuthin' to let cool night air in and keep the bugs out.  Thank goodness it cools down here at night.  Made in America, too!

Have a great weekend and I'll have some party pics for ya next week!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Plants and Paint

Hi there,
I couldn't open my right hand all the way when I woke up yesterday morning.  I have tendonitis in my middle finger!  That hand has been stiff a bit lately with all the scrubbing, painting, gardening and yup, that's the hand I hit with the hammer several weeks ago.  Monday night I left the shop on time, got home and worked planting some more plants and then came morning and the inability to make my middle finger go straight.  So I got up and ran it under hot water and rubbed it and then it began complying with me to open and close.  No worry.  Just gotta give it a rest.  Not painful during the day or anything.  I did work Sat. afternoon and Sunday in the garden so I've just overexerted it is all.  Here's my progress:

The ivy geranium are filling in and blooming now!

Here are the Lilies that I planted exactly a year ago and they are blooming like crazy this year.


            Cuter after being painted! 
These are the thumb screws to the blue bathroom fixture.  They hold the glass pieces on.  Amazing what a little paint can do!  
                  That's all folks! 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

5 Down More to Go (Grow)

Just a quick update and a few photos of what I did last holiday wknd.  I got the bathroom cabinet finished and planted 2 clumps of Bird of Paradise shrubs (that have been in pots for 10 years) for a total of only 5 plants in the new garden so far.  I worked again to get all the roots out which took time and then had to deal with moving some of the potted plants onto the porch to avoid the extreme summer sun.  The rest of the plants are much smaller and will get planted faster and I hope to get most of them in tomorrow. 

Here is a before pic of the bathroom cabinet.

Can you believe the previous owners put the same tile on the walls, around the sinks and then onto the floor?  Way too busy looking and I think this particular tile would look good on an in-ground pool, don'tcha think?

I tell ya, I'm working with what I've got to make this place sell-able.  Some "after" pics coming soon.  I haven't crocheted in weeks now.  I'm not that motivated.  Seems I just want to focus on getting this house ready because I can't stand living like this much longer.  Plus my hands are tired from all the scrubbing and pulling roots and all that.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you're all finding some time to relax and enjoy your summer!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

Hi!  I do feel grateful right now. 

I'm sitting having my coffee, blogging on my favorite holiday.  Ya know why it is my favorite holiday?  It's because at the fundamental core of everyone on this planet called earth is their right to religious freedom.  Yup, our forefathers came to this land to get away from taxation but that was after they left their beloved homelands for the right to their own religious beliefs without persecution.  I believe that people's spiritual beliefs are deep inside of everyone and that is our basis or the beginning of us and then we build our lives from that point.  With this particular freedom we have here in America we can all celebrate our religious customs in the way and manner we choose to.  This holiday, "Independence Day" transcends every religion because every American shares in this holiday! 

So, party hearty today!  Think of those who came before us who have and for those who are working to keep our freedoms.

It's a gorgeous day, 78 degrees at 10am and now I'm going outside to tend to my garden where I feel the closest to God!  I'm making progress on my projects!!  I'll have pics for you in the week. 

I didn't mean to get all "Sunday School" on ya...I'm just sayin'.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Mom's 80th Birthday!

Photo by Levi Brown
It was my Momma's birthday today.  She is 80 years young.  We are planning a party for her sometime this month.  It should be fun!  I didn't get to be with her today but I'll see her soon.  This isn't her cake but it sure looks like it could be with all those candles. 

I decided to take the 3 day weekend and get as much done as I can in the garden and at the hottest part of the day I plan to go inside and do the refinishing of the blue bathroom cabinet.  I can't believe that I purchased the refinishing stuff a year ago!  There isn't much left so I did buy the correct amount, thank goodness.

This stuff works great.  I highly recommend it if you have some wooden items and don't want to strip 'em and sand 'em and all that.  This stuff goes right over existing finishes and I'm happy with the way the cabinets look.

Hope you are gonna have a relaxing weekend!  Take care...