Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snowflakes That Won't Melt

It was very warm yesterday, about 84 degrees so I worked in the yard for awhile. Sure doesn't seem like Christmas in a couple weeks!  It was too warm to make holiday cookies and fudge and I wasn't in the mood to sweat while making candy so I just have to do it in the evenings this week and next weekend.  I made some more snowflakes last night but it felt like I should've been working on a summer tote instead.  These are the ONLY snowflakes that we'll ever have where I live...
Click on the pics to see them larger.
Here's the crocheted snowflakes that I made using this pattern here.  I got the idea to make them from Clara and you can see hers here.  I didn't put the googly eyes or the face on them although they are cute like that, mine are plain. The first pic, I used fuzzy yarn with a size I hook and then for the photo, laid it on the piece of paper I was testing my new punch tool on.  The corners are tricky but I love the scalloped edge, it looks like eyelet lace.

In the second photo for the larger one (about 5" wide), I used a strand of worsted yarn and Vanna's tinsel yarn (the name is Glamour a #2 fine yarn, color: Diamond) together with a K hook .  I used a G hook for the smallest one (about 2.5" wide), using a single strand of Glamour yarn and played around with the pattern a bit and did a back post single crochet stitch in the center stitches just to see the result and the stitch looks raised and more defined.  I like it either way.  I added a chain of about 18 sts. to make the loop so it could hang on the tree.

Here is the first true flower of the peach rose since it got transplanted into the new garden.  It had a few weird ones and I think what caused it was transplant shock.  This bloom took forever to open up.  It seems to have a petal missing but it was just stuck upwards and I hope that rose bush does better in the spring.  I don't prune my roses until mid January, that way I have a few blooms through the end of the year.
The 2 smaller ones in front are my new minis and they're blooming now.
The mini flowers are about the size of a dime.

I'd better get back to work. Hope you all have a very merry week and thanks for stopping by.


Linda said...

Your snowflakes are so cute!

The rose is breathtaking!! What kind is it?

Josie said...

Hi Annieliz, so nice to catch up with you. Your shop looks great! And yes, why does this time of year seem to bring out rudeness in people?! Love your violets, esp the mini ones. I have one that is yet to re-bloom. Trying to find that right spot in my house where they get bright light without being fried. You certainly have the green touch. Finally, your snowflakes are so sweet. Everyone it seems has done Clara's snowflakes and I wish I had the time to make some. Yours came out great with the Vanna yarn. Good for you making time to crochet and garden. All the best with business. I'll bet the real shipping rush starts next week. xx Josie

Clara said...

Your snowflakes turned out beautifully. Thanks for the mention. Love your flowers!