Sunday, December 19, 2010


Hope your festivities are under way and you've been able to get all the gifts that you had planned on getting for those you love.  I've been trying to take some pictures of the busy corner near where I live that has a lighted holiday display.  We don't seem to get to stop at the light and be first in line where we would have a clear view of it so I keep taking pics as we pass by and even though you can't make out what is actually there the pics are kinda interesting to look at, IMHO!! 

There's only one tree, it's fake and really big!

I like this last one.  The lights look kinda like seagulls. 

I'm taking a break from my marathon baking right now.  I'm making cookies and some candy to give out to friends and customers and some to take to the family on Christmas day.  As I was sliding cookies off the sheet to cool, I was thinkin' of my blogging friends and then of all the women and men, too who are probably busily making treats for others just like I'm doing and that's cool!  Then I thought of blogging and so here I am.

It's been raining steadily since yesterday, late morning and that is ALLOT of rain for us.  It's a tropical storm so it's not very cold just allot of wet.  There is always a possibility of flooding when we get so much rain all at once so hopefully everyone will be ok.  It's nice to be sheltered and indoors baking...comfy and cozy. 

I haven't finished my other crochet projects but I've been having fun making snowflakes and creating different patterns as I go along.  Blocking them has made a big difference in how they look.  I got some spray starch and they look so much better.  I want to make a bunting of snowflakes so I just keep making them.  Wonderful mindless activity for sure!!!!

Hope you're cozy and warm and doing whatcha like best.  Hugs to you, Annie


Pammy Sue said...

Those pictures do look cool. My hubby took some pictures one night at work that looked just like that, seagulls and all. If you increase the shutter speed on your camera, you can probably get some clearer pictures without those streaks. It worked for him. But I kind of like those the way they are!

I haven't done my baking or candy making yet. Will do it sometime this week.

Linda said...

Hugs to you too, Annie!

Great tip about blocking--I'll try to remember that. Hoping to finally get a shawlette finished in time to give my daughter for Christmas.

Enjoy your baking!

Josie said...

Hiya Annieliz, your photos actually turned out artsy-fartsy good! I love all the twinkly lights too this time of year. We're getting doused with lots of rain from the same series of storms. Sets the mood for all our baking :-) Happy, merry Xmas and New Years to you. xx Josie

Kris said...

This rain has been something! We have siphon hoses everywhere, but no leaks in the house! New roof last spring!! It's almost time now.....