Thursday, December 30, 2010


Here's all the baking I did!  I made allot of cookies and gave out 12 goody bags as gifts this year.  Then I saved out some to keep and took the rest to my sister's where I spent a couple nights; Christmas Eve thru Sunday morning the 26th.  I also made a batch of Rice Krispie treats but didn't get a picture.

We might get some frost tonight and since my plants are all out on the driveway and not close to the house, the more fragile ones may not make it but when I got home tonight, I wrapped my Plumeria (Hawaiian) plant in bubble wrap hoping it won't suffer too much.

I didn't get the tutorial finished like I hoped I would.  Seems I have some super woman complex and think I can do more than I can!!  We were busy at the shop right up to the last days before Christmas with gift-wrapping and shipping.  I did get the pics done so I may get around to posting it this weekend.  Better late than never.  I'm taking the 3 day weekend and it'll be nice to have time to crochet and relax.

We had rain again yesterday and it seems it's always a bit slower at the shop when it rains so we decided to put away all the holiday decor and inventory.  This is the earliest we've ever done that.  Feels great having it done.  When I stopped by the grocery store this morning before work, there wasn't a single holiday item to be seen anywhere!  But guess what I saw?  VALENTINE CANDY. 
Spritz butter cookies using a press

Bar cookies, sorta tasted like choc chip cookies.  Guess who took a bite?

Two kinds of fudge and candied pecans up on the left

Peppermint meltaway cookies

Swedish cardamom spice refrigerator cookies

Swedish Glogg a concentrated spice drink to mix with juice or spirits
Wrapped up ready to give to my UPS, Fedex, and DHL drivers

Thanks for stopping by...I'll write again soon...


Kris said...

Oh shoot. Now I want a cookie!!! Seriously, I was about to go to bed and then peeked in on you and now I have to go get a snack before going to sleep. Happy New Year!

Pammy Sue said...

You DID do a lot of baking! Everything looks yummy.

Clara said...

So many goodies and how sweet to give your guys a treat!

Linda said...

Wow, I am SO impressed! Those are beautiful items. What kind of bar cookie--looks kind of like a toffee bar? Those cardamom spice ones look delicious too. Heck, all of them look delicious!