Friday, December 10, 2010

Shopping and Shop

Howdy!  I finished my holiday shopping last Sunday; 7 hours from leaving the driveway to arriving home.  Tired? Yes.  Glad I was DONE? Yes-siree!  Now I can concentrate on helping bring the holidays under control for others with gift wrapping, packing and shipping.  We haven't been super busy at least not yet, which is a sign of this economy right now.

While out shopping on Sunday about midday I grabbed a cup of coffee and I sat down on a bench outside next to a lady that was not social at all.  As I was sipping my coffee it went down the wrong way and I started to cough and choke...eyes bulging out and tearing up and so glad that I didn't ya know, upchuck...luckily it was just a small amount but I kept having to cough and then she got up and left, like in a huff.  She didn't even ask me if I was ok.  After I got my composure back I was walking past a lady that had left the store and had 3 boxes stacked above the cart and she was headed down the small ramp so I asked if I could help her and while doing so I just did by reaching out to keep the boxes steady.  She acted like I might, heck I don't know, mug her or something?  Then when I didn't seem too threatening, she thanked me.  I was trying to be friendly and in the holiday spirit and most people were not, a few were.  I did have a nice/happy sales cashier lady at Michaels.  Los Angeles used to be more friendly, what happened???

Here is a pic of our shop tree with the couple of new items I got from Target that I wrote about a couple of posts ago.  The star on top is actually a hanging ornament with glitter and rhinestones held on with a twist tie and then I purchased a string of iridescent light bulbs instead of using the mini-lights.  I should have bought two strands but I was thinking it would be enough, either that or I'm cheap!  The stockings you see on the tree can hold a gift card.

Here's a couple shots of the shop all ready for Christmas.

I got a couple of gifts for the shop from Michaels since I had a couple of coupons that were burning a hole in my pocket.  Really these are for me but I got them to make fancy edges on the signs that I make for the shop but I'll also use them for card making.  While I was at Michaels I also picked up some of Vanna's tinsel yarn to make the crochet snowflakes that Clara was showing us on her blog.  They are easy and fun to make and I'll post some pix soon.

Hope your holiday shopping and baking is going well for you and you are getting in the spirit of the season!  Take care and I hope to post soon!


Kris said...

Hi there! What a sad thing to hear that while out and about holiday shopping, you couldn't find anyone with the same holiday spirit as yours!!
Your shop and tree are lovely. Happy Holidays to you!!!!

Clara said...

Shop tree is sweet. Ignore the Scrooges and feel a little sorry for them. Nice to get all of the cleaning done and over with! A job well done!

Linda said...

How sad that you couldn't sit down next to one of your blogging buddies, who would have talked your leg off! :) Your shop looks beautiful. I have been eyeing that Punch Around the Page for the longest time!