Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Danny Man

Yup, that's what I call him.  He keeps my computers up and running.  He helps me build a new one when I need to upgrade or I should say, I help him build 'em because we go to Fry's and I pick out the stuff, I buy it and then feed him goodies while we (he) builds it in the back room.  Then we cross our fingers that all the components will talk to each other!  Please disregard the mess in the background of these pictures!!  It is my backroom.  Do you think I have enough cups for one person?  But I do share the cups; especially with Danny.  I'll have made tea for me and then in comes a customer and if I have the time, I'll make 'em a cup, too.

Here is our latest creation:

Pretty, Huh?  Brushed aluminum in silver and blue with white enamel paint over the metal sides and openings.  That is a piece of folded paper under the foot as the floor is not level where it sits.  Love the USB in the front. Remember when the USB connections were only in the back??  New computers are wonderful.  They don't have much on the desktop (yet) and they run faster since we haven't clogged them up (yet) with all the random stuff we think is so important to save.

When you come into the shop you will usually find me at this computer.  It's the one I use to post to my blog, browse the internet and has my fun creative software on it.  The front computer mostly has my shipping, mailbox and postal programs on it, the boring business one.  Have you hugged your computer person today?

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