Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Yarn Bombing Day 2012

What is it about yarn bombing that I like so much?  I'd say it's about taking the ordinary everyday objects and making them special by wrapping them up in yarn!  It's just downright fun, creative and sometimes, just what one needs- to make something silly or to laugh at the silly yarn bombed stuff. 

International Yarn Bombing day is coming up quickly, it's June 9th.  I'd like to yarn bomb something again this year.  This is what I did last year.  But a flag on a car is normal.  Click to see last years post  I'll have to figure out what to do.  It would be fun to do a group project if only I had the time to join in or start one.  Work, work, work :( what is a gal to do?  

I know, go have a piece of chocolate.  Yum...I'll burn it off at rehearsal tonite.  My dance show is this coming Sunday and we have rehearsals every night this week.  Yeah!  I get to exercise.  Good news, I've been on a reducing diet and my pants are noticeably looser today.  I promise I'll only have one pc of chocolate candy and not blow my diet! 

It was nice having 3 days off.  I got out my sewing machine for the first time since the move and I had the Indy 500 on while I mended some clothes.  I love getting backlogged stuff like that done.  I needed to shorten the black skirt (costume) and had to do it from the waist otherwise the ruffle wouldn't be the same length as the others.  It's always a good thing to know how to sew when you are short like me; I need to hem almost everything.  The race was amazing.  I esp. liked the camera that is mounted in the car so you can see what the driver is seeing.  Technology at it's best!  

Have a great week!


Kris said...

I love the yarn bombing idea! I wanted to do it last year too. I remember telling my knitting group about it. I think we will bomb this year!!!!

DaCraftyLady Debb said...

I love yarn bombing too, my stitching group and I went on a Long Beach Shopping tour and found some around town...I will have to post as the day gets nearer, love the flag.. :) ~~Debb