Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Judge a Book by it's Cover?

I've been visiting the library because there is nothing like moving and realizing that you could start your own library with the amount of books ya own!

I recently borrowed a few books and this one below is an amazing collection of art quilts.  If you ever get the chance to take a look thru it, you should; the ISBN # is 13: 978-1-60059-058-0  the publisher is Lark Books.  Now with all the fabulous colorful quilts contained in this book why did they choose one that lacks color and is the back of a guy's head and he's sitting on a park bench???  Now I'm sure that quilt is lovely when you see it in person up close but don't the publishers know that people buy books based on their covers?  There are such beautiful colorful quilts in this book, really, go to your library and ask for it.  Early one morning before work, I sat sipping my coffee with the front door open so I could hear the soft spring rain falling and became immersed in these quilt pictures.
These are just random pages from the book.

I also got this book on clutter.  We all have it and I want to reduce mine.  It's a good book to start with.  She has some good pointers on how to do it.  Not a thick book and it even has large type so I read it pretty fast.  Now I actually have to put the principles to work in my life.  That's the hard part, hee, hee.

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DaCraftyLady Debb said...

hi there, I love the library and book stores, I got a Nook for Christmas but I still buy books. :( Yikes....those books look really interesting and the first one has beautiful photos and the 2nd one would be helpful, but I'm with you will we do it.. ~Debb

Kris said...

The first book looks interesting!!! Hope you are doing well friend!
XO Kris