Saturday, April 28, 2012

Here Goes...

So what in the heck have I been up to?  Well, I moved out of my big house in Los Angeles and moved into a little Doll House close to my shop.  No, the house hasn't sold, it's not even listed yet.  Lotsa changes in my life these past (almost) 9 months.  

You see, I searched for a place in June and July since the house was supposed to be on the market in June of last year and we were planning to move soon anyhow.  Then I find the house isn't gonna go on the market yet and to make a long story short, there has been so much disagreement (for some time) in our relationship in general not just about the renovation.  

I got tired of the drama so on my birthday last year (August) I gave myself the perfect gift, one of peace and a serene environment!  I signed the rental agreement and then moved in slowly and slept there by mid September.  Moving is so darn disruptive to the flow of one's life and I'm still not totally settled in.  At least I can get organized now which is what I'm slowly doing but of course this place is soooo small that I can only fit what is really necessary; the rest is stored in the 1 car garage adjacent to the house.  It's been: unpack and repack boxes to store away for the time being.

Yes, I'm living alone for the first time in my entire life and it's weird!   I had to move out so I could have a calm organized space so I can get up everyday and go run my little business.  I can't have a pet where I am now but I will someday!  Having a pet would ease the total "ALONE-NESS" but I can understand the landlord's rules. There is no enclosed yard and the property has 5 homes on it.  It is way back off the street on a private drive and is so quiet and peaceful.

I'll leave you with a pic of my new place that I took before I moved in.  Now it has flowers in the front so I'll post an updated pic soon.
One more thing, when you live alone you find what you eat and what you don't (and it goes bad).  I eat my share of butter (hee, hee).

I'll post some pics of  last weekend's girls day out at the Huntington Garden soon. 
       Have a fabulous weekend!


Kris said...

Even though you sound happy with your decision, I know that it didn't come easily, or painlessly. For that, I am sorry. But I am also so happy for you. Your house is darling. I am eager to hear more about what's new in your world. I have so missed your blog posts.
Take care now.
XO Kris

Pammy Sue said...

Hello Annie Liz! I kind of thought it was something like this you have been hinting about for a while now. I'm sorry you had to go through all that (and still are, I'm sure)! Your little house is so cute. What a big change! I only wish you love and happiness! Big hugs.

Terrie said...

Thought it's a tough decision but sure you'll cope with. Enjoy the house, enjoy being along. Do chat with others. Your crafts are wonderful. Thanks for your sweet comments on my recent posts. I'll come back ofter.

Linda said...

I love your little house! If it is serene and peaceful, then it is home, and I'm glad you gave yourself that gift.