Saturday, April 14, 2012

Springtime Fresh

Hey.....Blogger forced me into their new interface so I gotta get used to it.  I hope it works better, as I always had trouble with putting pictures on my blog.  I came here to do a test post today.

We had rain much of yesterday and we even had snow in the local mountains, too.  We're supposed to have 80 degree days next week so I bet the ski slopes are crazy busy this weekend.  Lovely day today, sunny, cool and fresh with a light breeze.  Gonna do some gardening when I close the shop this afternoon.

My friend Tracy is coming for a visit next weekend and we're going to a local public garden so I'll have some pics to show you of that visit.

Yup, this pic was easier to upload, yeah!

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend doing whatever you set your mind to!


Terrie said...

Haven't seen you for long. Pretty good weather and views around. Have a nice day with Tracy.
Terriekwong from Hong Kong

lovestitch said...

Love your flowers! Such a great sign of spring!! I hope you have been enjoying your weekend!!!
Much love, LS

Linda said...

Hi Annie - thanks for visiting my lonely, forlorn blog. ;) Can't wait to see the local garden pics!