Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Happy Birthday to those of you who only have one every 4 years!

A few weeks ago, I went out to Murrieta (1 1/2 hour drive) to visit my friend Tracy.  We decided to visit the Escondido Wine and Chocolate Festival.  It's only about a 30 min drive from her place.  We chose not to do the wine and chocolate tasting which cost 20 bucks since we found out that we both get hot flashes when we drink alcohol so we tasted the free samples of chocolate that were being given away.  YUM.  This was pre-Valentines day with small chocolatiers displaying their candy.  It was a fun day with perfect weather. 

Before arriving at the festival we stopped at a gift shop called Canterbury Gardens and Gifts.  We had thought there was an actual garden but mostly it was a gift shop.  They had so many pretty items.  Eye candy for sure. 

Then we stopped at a fabric shop called Yardage Town that reminded me of the fabric shops my mom and I went to when I was growing up.  It had that same smell and stairs that went to the "bargain" basement; the staff were nice and friendly. 

This was their Valentine window display.  I wanted to find some fabric with strawberries on it but it was out of stock. Tracy bought some ivory silk fabric to cover the buttons on the WEDDING DRESS that she is making for her daughter's wedding coming up this July!!!!!  It's gonna be gorgeous.  She is so talented.  I could kick myself for not taking photos while I was visiting of some ballet costumes that she's made.  Professional tutu making and boning, things I've never attempted in sewing. So darn pretty. 

We both ended up buying some hand made toffee by a small company in Carlsbad (north San Diego coast) called Toffee Box .  Yes, they do mail orders!  It is really delish.  I'm rationing it and having a little taste every day or two!

On our way back we stopped at none other than HOBBY LOBBY!  I've only heard about them but they were never out here in California.  So I finally got to see what they're all about.  I checked out the yarn section and just had to put my hands on the "I Love This Yarn"!  I didn't buy any since I have to finish what projects I've got and use up some of my stash like a good girl. WOW, it was a big store but we could only stay for a bit since Tracy's hubby was making us dinner and we didn't want to keep him waiting.  We have 3 stores here in So Cal now but none in Los Angeles County :(




Hope you're having a relaxing evening!  Thanks for visiting.


Kris said... were a long ways from home!! I have not heard of that fabric shop. Murrieta is not that far from me. About 25 minutes or so.
Isn't Hob Lob something else????
Hope you are doing okay!!!!!
Happy Spring!!

Pammy Sue said...

WHAT?? You didn't buy any ILTY?? Are you crazy?! :)

What a perfect day-trip for two girlfriends...chocolate! Yum-yum. My mom used to drag me to fabric stores too. I was always so bored. She'd look at patterns and material for what seemed like hours. I absolutely hated it. I think that may be why I don't sew. Bleh!

Good to hear from you. It's nearly spring!

Linda said...

Congrats on getting to visit a Hobby Lobby - it's my favorite addiction. :)

Connie said...

Sounds like you had a great day with your girlfriend. That was a long trip, but then you live in sunny California and the weather is always nice for a road trip. The fabric shop that you visited, really looked cool, a little bit vintage. Have a great day, your new blogging friend, Connie

lovestitch said...

Oh such a wonderful place! I just wish I could be there, I'm dying for yarn! Glad you were there to ejoy and hope you had found some treasures! :)
Great weekend ahead!
Best wishes,
LS xo

D. Carlen said...

That was some tour of Hobby Lobby. I enjoyed it! Never been as there are none to be found in NJ. Lots happened in the past year. I'm back (somewhat) to blogging. Hold down the fort and take care, Donna