Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Sadie is 1400 Miles Away!

My sweet daughter left on a jet plane to make her new home in Austin, Texas, boo hoo, sniffle, sniffle.  On August 23rd she left California with a little savings and no job.  Within a week though, she had 3 job offers and is now happily working for a large vitamin company.  She is staying with her best friend's family and will move out when she is ready.  Barely there 3 weeks and she's already purchased a car and cowboy (cowgirl?) boots!

This is a pic of us on her last day in CA just before leaving for the airport.  She plans to start a photography business and TX is a great place to do that since they are FAR more business friendly than CA is.  Two years ago, she had spent about 6 months just outside of Dallas, TX on a temp. project and called me when she was there and said she LOVED TX, the people are so friendly and that she might just move there someday.  Well, someday arrived and she is happy.  As a mom that is all you really want for your kids.

The following are some pics that were taken of her in the first month of living in Austin.  She modeled for a friend's photography business and I borrowed the pics from her blog.  They are very sweet and show Sadie's personality.  Is it alright to say that I love these pics or is that bragging???

If you live in the Austin area, her friend, JJ does creative photography and you can find her here:

I've been a bit depressed lately and haven't felt like blogging.  I've been busier at work so hopefully it's a sign of the economy getting better!  Been going thru some changes that I'll write about when I can wrap my wits around it and can explain in a sensible manner. 

I'll be back soon!


Kris said...

She is adorable! I know you are going to miss her terribly. But it sounds like she is following her dream!!!
SO glad to see you back to bloging! Missed ya!

Terrie said...

Haven't heard from you for ages. Love to see you and your daughter's great pictures and your last post of pretty mum and family. Wish your sweetie blooming business.

Pammy Sue said...

Of course it's fine to say you love the pictures! I love them too! Would love to have some professional pics of my kids.

What the heck is happening there with you? You take care and write here a little more often. It's great for spilling your heart and relieves stress/depression, etc. No one judges you here! XOXO

DaCraftyLady said...

such a cutie...good luck to her, my BIL lives in Plano outside of Dallas....

Linda said...

Annie, she is gorgeous! And tiny like you. :) Austin is a great place for young people and a fantastic place to live, no matter your age.

Our daughter moved to Dallas last year and found both the job and man of her dreams. I hope you can go visit your daughter - you might fall in love with Texas too. :)

I haven't been blogging either, but because I'm both lazy and busy with projects that only I can truly appreciate. ;)

Hugs to you and know that you have cyber-friends that care about you.