Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's beginning to look allot like Christmas (Cactus)

Hello!  Hope you have all recovered from the huge turkey dinners last week!  I spent most of the day cooking even though I only got a turkey breast this year, bought one pumpkin pie, canned cranberry sauce and yes I did I got instant mashed potatoes!  It's the stuffing, gravy and candied yams that kept me busy. 

We haven't been busy yet here at the shop and it's Dec 2nd already.  I wonder how busy we will be.  Are people going to ship gifts this year?  Hmm, time will tell.  I've been busy listing items onto Ebay and my auctions are doing ok.  I started putting the trim on the jacket, I'll show some pix soon.

Enjoy the Christmas Cactus!

This is the dark pink one.  It's become a large plant over the years.

This is the light pink one.  This is what they look like just before they open:

Here is the red one.  I moved it outside last year so it would do better:

Hope you are getting some time for yourself to make this your best holiday season ever!

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bellaboo said...

Hello from England!
Thankyou for your lovely comments.That tiramisu is not really that big..I took it using the 'macro' on the camera.
Funny..I was just noticing today that I have one flower on MY Xmas cactus which I'm afraid to say I have been neglecting this year.
Will pop in again soon!