Thursday, December 31, 2009

Holiday Lights For You

Hi there.  Take a look at Bill my postman, who is part of Santa's team a few days before the big day.  Doesn't he look cute and festive?  He told me later that while on his route that day walking around, he got a lot of thumbs up and whistles!

Here are more of Flora's decorations:


So much work!!  She has help of course.  She doesn't get on the roof anymore since a few years ago she got stuck up there until someone could help her down.  She starts in just before Thanksgiving and then the day after she is all ready to flip the switches and on goes the display.  This year, she added some more to her abundant collection.  She now has a Mickey and Mini Mouse on a teeter totter and some others. 

Well, tonites the big nite and a new decade.  I sure hope it's a better one for most people overall.  I always ask Santa for PEACE (in the world), that is all I want for Christmas every year.  I hope you are celebrating in whatever way makes you happy tonite and that you are with people you love.

Here's to a wonderful 2010!!

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