Monday, June 25, 2012

Sherman Garden Pix #2

Here are more pictures from Mother's Day.  Enjoy!
The Mother's spending the day together

The part of my family who lives in San Clemente-2 bros, mom and sister

If you live in a mild climate look what you can do with cacti and succulent plants.  The mass plantings make a really pretty landscape.  Remember, you can right click on any pictures to see them in more detail.

These cacti were massive!

Have a few more to pics of the Sherman Garden to share.  See ya!


Kris said...

Very pretty!!!
I miss you kiddo!
XO Kris

DaCraftyLady said...

What a wonderful day and family photos. I think that garden is gorgeous, but how does one weed it? All those prickers...ouch! Cacti always amazes me the way it grows and flowers and all the different sizes and shapes...loved your little "computer bug" a great week~~Debb

Terrie said...

So happy to see you again. Such a sweet family photo. All looks charming. The garden plants are fabulous and thriving.