Saturday, December 10, 2011


Wow, we had super strong winds approx 90mph (a record for us here) that hit us Dec. 1st, early Thursday morning.  Our power got knocked out at our shop for 6 days.  Six days of no income!  Whereas, many people lost trees and awnings and some even had structure damage from big trees falling on their property, all I lost was the NOTARY sign (shingle) attached to the awning in the front window.  God only knows where that ended up.  The wind brought a cold front and boy, it was cold and dark here in my shop.  I came in every day hoping that the power would come on and could only sort mail for my mailbox customers and sign for pkgs from Fedex and UPS.  I did manage to do a few notarizations since they are a "low tech" service; good ol' paper and pen!  Soooo glad that is over and can get back to business.  This is our busy time of year and we do way more shipping for people. 

I'm making a few crochet Xmas gifts that I'll post pics of after Xmas.  The shop is closed for the day and I plan to hopefully finish my holiday shopping today.  Don't hate me!!!! I just don't have too many gifts to get this year.  My daughter isn't able to make it out here so she wants me to send her some goodies from Trader Joe's Mkt. 

I like this pic.  It's from the Crate and Barrel catalog.  Kinda cute kid isn't he?  It put me in the holiday spirit somewhat so I  thought I'd share it with ya.

Hope you're getting into the spirit of things and enjoying the season.  Wish me luck finding parking spaces!


Kris said...

Oh my gosh!!! You lost power for 6 days! Wow that had to hurt! Glad you are getting all back to normal! Finished shopping eh? You are one of those over achiever's aren't you?
Miss your posts!!

DaCraftyLady said...

wow, my daughter too had lost power, we didn't here??? Go figure...well haven't seen the notary sign out have been trying to catch up on crochet projects too, but shopping keeps getting in the way

Linda said...

Glad you didn't sustain too much damage from the winds, Annie. Happy Holidays!