Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dutch Apple Pies

Hi there,
A few weeks ago I had an extra day off so I decided to use the apples that I had purchased back in the fall (before they spoiled) to finally make some pies.  It was a cold rainy day, perfect for having the oven on.  My view out the kitchen window:

I found I had enough to do three, 9" pies so I got to work...

Ready get set go:

My trusty mixer that has an attachment that I'm gonna use to slice the apples.  For one pie I would slice it by hand but for 3 it was worth it. 

I covered all the apples in this new wrap that is made with vegetable oils.  I really like it.  Now the apples won't get all brown.

Look at all that waste.  Wish I had some composting earthworms but I have to wait until we move!  They would love eating this and then making rich soil for my plants.  

I'm cheating and using pre-made shells.  Most of the time I make my own.  I got these to make Thanksgiving pies but I didn't need them for that this year.

The crumb topping for the pies.

Ooops!, I forgot to put the sugar in the crumb topping for the first one, darn.  So I spread it on top and it never melted.  I carefully removed some of the sugar after it baked and it still was yummy.
This is what it was supposed to look like!
Well, we had three so I gave one to my (computer guru friend) Danny.  I always love to give him home made goodies and he loves to get them. 
Isn't sharing fun?

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